3 Type Of Meta Tags To Increase The Rank Of Your Website On Google


Meta Tag is an HTML tag that describes the content of your page to search engines and website visitors and helps search engines crawl, index, and rank a webpage. The form of this tag is always the same: <meta name = “” content = “” />. In this case, where the name of the tag is displayed as “Name” and where the content of the tag is written as “Content”. Here are 3 special meta tags, including optimization of your website content to rank first on Google.

Title tag

This tag is the first HTML component that specifies what your web page is about. Title tags are most significant for SEO and visitors because they appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) and in browser tabs. Here are some good pointers for writing title tags to keep your website at the top:

  • If possible, keep your title tag below 60 characters.
  • Add words that indicate what your content is, such as “how-to,” “review,” “best,” “tips,” “top,” “find” or “buy.”
  • Start your title tag with your main targeted keywords.
  • Include a unique title tag on each page.

Meta description

This is an HTML element that adds content to your web page. Search engines usually show meta descriptions in search results below your title tag. Here’s how to write a good description tag –

  • Do not add duplicate meta descriptions.
  • Add your targeted keywords to the description.
  • Add any discount or offer to you.

Robots Meta Tag

Robot meta tags tell search engines to index or non-index your web page. There are four main tag values ​​for search engine crawlers:

  • Follow – The search engine crawler will follow all the links to that webpage.
  • Index – The search engine crawler will index the entire webpage.
  • Unfollow – The search engine will not follow the crawler page and any link to that webpage.
  • Noindex – Search engine crawlers will not index that webpage.

Analyzing the use of your meta tags is a great start to improving your on-page SEO. Think of meta tags as a way to give both human users and Google a better idea of your website.


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