5 Things to Look for in Led Light Therapy Machine 


Light Therapy and Light Therapy Machines are well recognized in a clinical setting as an LED light that produces an intense, low-spectrum light capable of healing the skin.

LED light machines can help heal acne, soothe chronic and persistent pain, encourage hair growth where needed, speed up wound healing, improve sleep cycles, help reduce the effect of fine lines and wrinkles and slow the visible signs of aging. 

However, not just any old light source will work, and $12truly professional models can cost $1200 to $2,000 or more. With that in mind. Here are a few of the elements that are found in the Best Professional Led Light Therapy Machines.

 #1. Blocking out harmful Ultraviolet light 

One of the vital elements of buying the Best Professional Led Light Therapy Machines is blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays.

Since, in essence, any LED light machine is a substitute for the sun, only concentrated in a small area and generally used on the face, blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays is essential just as the sun has rather harsh ultraviolet rays.

In general, accurate LED light sets do not emit any ultraviolet lights at all. Just be sure that the unit you are considering buying is not any hybrid system that does emit ultraviolet light. 

 Also, a word of caution. You may have heard that tanning beds can serve as an alternative to LED light therapy. Not true. Tanning beds are a poor substitute, and for sure, you will take in a lot of UV light. 

 #2. The intensity of the light 

The best professional led light therapy machines, such as you will find in a clinic, will put out around a 10,000 Lux light therapy box. 

The dirty little secret about the home led business model is that many units only provide around 2,500 lux units of use. Therefore, as Web MD states, a company that offers only 2,500 lux units may take four times as long or longer. 

For example, we looked at ten different home LED kits, and although there were all kinds of superlative sales talk, there wasn’t even a hint at what lux the LED face lamp put out.

It should be noted that while the FDA gives LED light kits a pass for being safe, The FDA does not test, approve, or regulate lightbox devices in any way.

Therefore, a Chinese entrepreneur could install four penlight flashlights into a mask and call it an LED light therapy box. So buyer beware. 

Clinics in particular, but even home buyers, should only consider buying the Best Professional Led Light Therapy Machines.

We recommend Aestheticbureau, an Australian company, but for the best results, buy professionally or go to a clinic that uses a professional LED machine. 

#3. A machine that uses different spectrums of light 

Although there are different spectrums of light available, the two principal scopes are red light and blue light ranges. The red light spectrum is used primarily for the outer epidermis to stimulate the collagen in the skin. In contrast, the blue light tends to affect the glad oil beneath the skin responsible for acne production. 

 As long as the LED light will beam both types of light spectrums, the system will generally work.

#4. The inverse square law 

Besides producing the right spectrums and having a significant amount of lux power, there is another factor essential to understand with LED technology: the inverse square law.

Essentially, the inverse square law says the further distance you sit away from the lightbox; its square reduces the intensity. Thus if you sit 2 feet away from a lightbox, its effectiveness is reduced by 4. 

According to Dr. Alfred Lewy of the Oregon Health and Science University, who has been instrumental in advancing Lightbox therapy, the inverse square law is so important that he would never recommend buying a lightbox without knowing from the manufacture how far away they can sit from the lightbox and still get 10,000 lux of light power.

The further you can be from the lightbox and still get the 10,000 lux, the better the machine and the more flexibility a person has when sitting underneath the lightbox.

Unfortunately, only professional, medical made LED machines will be able to answer those questions. Try getting an answer from an ordinary home unit manufacturer. Chances are they won’t even understand what you are talking about. 

 #5. Price 

Unfortunately, it’s very accurate that you do get what you pay for when it comes to medical devices, and LED light therapy machines are no different. 

A homebuyer and a clinic should be prepared to fork out well over $1200 and up to $2,000 to get the best machines. 

Most clinics and many homeowners agree the price is well worth the expense.


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