All ‘Masked Singer’ Season 7 Costumes, Ranked From Cute To Scary

a person in a green elaborate bat costume performing on stage to the masked singerThingamabob on ‘The Masked Singer’. Fox has revealed all the costumes that will be used in Season 7 of ‘The Masked Singer’. They include a purple lemur, a frog prince, an astronaut rabbit and a ‘Thingamabob’ with bat ears. “The Masked Singer” premieres Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Baby Mammotha person in a bright pink mammoth costume with eyelashes and a protruding trunk on the masked singerBaby Mammoth on “The Masked Singer.”

Baby Mammoth is so cute, in a way you might feel compelled to buy a plush version of it when you see one lying on a shelf while meandering through a CVS very sadly.

Lemura person in a purple themed lemur costume on the masked singerMaki on ‘The Masked Singer’.

This purple-themed lemur has style, grace and killer thigh-high boots, and it knows it’s cute.

McTerriera person in a Scottish terrier costume with Scottish attire on it, including a kilt, on the masked singerMcTerrier on ‘The Masked Singer’.

This kilt-wearing terrier is cute yet stately – perfectly dressed, and look at that little tongue!

Miss Teddya person in a very friendly looking teddy bear costume on the masked singerMiss Teddy on ‘The Masked Singer’.

Miss Teddy is in her high-femme era, and she doesn’t care who knows. Her pink blush matches her cute bow perfectly, making her a winner in our book already.

Queen Cobraa person in a snake costume rising from a container on the masked singerQueen Cobra on “The Masked Singer.”

Despite being labeled one of “The Bad” in this season of “The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly” in “The Masked Singer”, Queen Cobra is pretty cute! Look at those big eyes and pursed lips.

Armadilloa person in an armadillo costume on the masked singerArmadillo on “The Masked Singer.”

Armadillo’s body armor exudes a rock-hard vibe, but his cute eyes and muzzle prove there’s a heart hidden behind that breastplate.

Circus directora person in a sheepish costume complete with a top hat and circus tent-like skirt on the masked singerRingmaster on “The Masked Singer.”

Ringmaster’s circus-inspired look is easily one of the season’s most iconic — but while it’s non-threatening, there’s something mischievous brewing beneath that little face.

Princea person in a frog prince costume, posing in a partial bow to the masked singerPrince on ‘The Masked Singer’.

Like the singer, this prince loves purple, puff sleeves, and the most doing. However, it remains to be seen if he will be as good a singer as his famous namesake.

glowworma person in a firefly costume with glowing antenna and bright pink lips on the masked singerFirefly on “The Masked Singer.”

Firefly’s latex catsuit and boots are to die for, but her bug eyes and wide-open mouth are a bit much, if we’re being honest.

RAMa person in a gladiator-like costume with a helmet with ram's horns on the masked singerRam on “The Masked Singer.”

Ram’s dyed abs are striking, if you’re into that sort of thing, but overall, this costume is a little too intimidating for our taste.

Thingamaboa person in a green sparkly costume with big bat-like ears on the masked singerThingamabob on ‘The Masked Singer’.

Thingamabob, with his big ears and glittering jumpsuit, wouldn’t be so scary if it weren’t for those very sharp teeth.

space rabbita person in a bunny in a space suit costume on the masked singerSpace Bunny on “The Masked Singer.”

Fox characterizes Space Bunny as one of this season’s “cuddly” mascots, putting it in the same category as competitors like Lemur and Baby Mammoth. However, his white face is much more sinister than that of his cuddly comrades.

Hydraa person in a three-headed hydra costume on the masked singerHydra on ‘The Masked Singer’.

The Hydra’s glowing eyes are intimidating, but strangely alluring. However, all three heads are definitely out for blood, so we’re going to put this costume in the “terrifying” category.

Jack In The Boxa person in an ominous jacket in the box costume on the masked singerJack In The Box on “The Masked Singer.”

With wide, unseeing eyes and a candy-striped mohawk, Jack in the Box is one of this season’s more disturbing costumes, and it looks like something out of a fever dream.

Cyclopsa person in a cyclops costume with a glowing single eye on the masked singerCyclops on ‘The Masked Singer’.

While Cyclops isn’t as menacing as some of the other costumes at first glance, there’s something terrifying about that blank face and glowing eye.

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