April Calls Out Jake’s ‘Disrespectful’ Breakup

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead for Netflix’s “The Ultimatum”. April Melohn appeared on “The Ultimatum” with her then-boyfriend Jake Cunningham. April reacted in a new interview to Jake’s handling of his decision in the final. Loading Something is loading.

April Melohn shared how she felt when she saw her boyfriend Jake Cunningham choose Rae Williams in the final of “The Ultimatum” in an interview with The Daily Beast.

“When I saw him I just let myself walk away crying and as I approached this new girl he just met a few weeks ago, like ‘Hey, gorgeous’ – in the same tone I remember when he approached me when we were for first started dating – it was moaning,” she said. “It was also just disrespectful and it broke my heart.”

Netflix’s “The Ultimatum” follows six couples where one person is ready to marry their partner and the other is insecure. During the season, the contestants choose a new partner from one of the other couples to enter into a “trial marriage”. They live with that person in a three-week “trial marriage” and see if there is a “connection” that could be stronger than what they have with their original partner.

After three weeks with their new partner, the participants are reunited with their original partner for a second ‘trial marriage’, where they ultimately decide whether they would be better off marrying their original partner, renewing their relationship with their trial partner, or leaving. only.

Rae and Jake chose each other as trial husbands. By the end, they had each left their original partners, but didn’t get together. In “Ultimatum Day” of the season finale, Jake met April to tell her that he had no intention of proposing to her. During his breakup speech, he also told her, “Me and Rae aren’t running off together,” which seemed to directly contradict what happened next.

Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham from Netflix dating reality show "The Ultimatum" Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham pretended to be married for three weeks on the Netflix reality show ‘The Ultimatum’. Photo Credits: Netflix “The Ultimatum”

April said she was comforted when Jake told her he chose not to be with Rae during the season. “It hurt him that he didn’t choose me,” April said. “But when I heard him say, ‘I don’t choose you, but I don’t choose her,’ I felt better.”

However, after Jake and April’s conversation, Jake and Rae reconnected on the screen. During the season finale, Jake handed Rae a plane ticket to take a trip around the world together, which seemed to be the start of a new relationship.

In the end, Jake and Rae didn’t go on that trip, and in the end they decided to give each other time to get out of their breakup instead of dating. Rae previously told Insider that Jake is currently single and “his DMs are closed”.

April said during the show’s reunion special on Wednesday that she and Rae’s original partner Zay Wilson were “both misguided” because their partners were in “immediate” contact. “When I saw it happen, I could immediately see that he wanted to be back with Rae,” she said at the reunion.

She also revealed at the reunion that she started dating someone new a few months after the show and spoke more about that relationship in her interview with the Daily Beast.

“This guy just came, wiped me off my feet, we went on our first date, I thought nothing of it,” she told the Daily Beast. The couple has already moved in together.

“I was like, ‘OK, we’re going to an awkward dinner, I’m coming home, yada yada yada. And here we are six months later, we’re still dating,” she added.

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