Collecting the Necessary Evidence to Defend You Against a Title IX Violation Accusation


Students who have been accused of sexual misconduct on campus are expected to go through a complex process to try to clear their names and records. In this case, they must collect evidence and witnesses for their Title IX investigation and possible hearing. This hearing will happen in front of a panel composed of school faculty and administrators to determine a student’s innocence or guilt. 

If you are facing a Title IX investigation, you need evidence such as documents, texts, emails, witnesses, photos, social media posts, call logs and video footage that proves the unlikelihood or probability of the facts that the accuser alleged. Your nationwide Title IX defense lawyer can use any information on acts, omissions, or statements the accuser made during or after the alleged incident to show the truth or falsify their claim.

Your college or university must prove you with a copy of the complaint. Your attorney will read the complaint carefully and find evidence that favors your position. They know that even minor differences like location or timeline can affect credibility. 

Kinds of Evidence Your Lawyer Can Examine

You and your attorney must check out different sources of media evidence while they are still available and accessible. You must preserve any communications you had with your accuser through your social media accounts and any witnesses present at that time.  You should check for emails or text messages you got from the accuser. Did someone take a video of the incident in question? Video recordings can effectively contradict the claims of your accuser. 

Moreover, it is imperative to develop a timeline. Your attorney can use texts and photo timestamps for recreating the timeline around the alleged event. They can also turn to campus security for key swipe timestamps for building exits and entries, along with security videos. Also, you can give Google maps to demonstrate distances traveled when the alleged incident occurred. 

Why You Must Work with a Title IX Defense Lawyer

An experienced attorney who specializes in Title IX cases can effectively seek and extrapolate evidence. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible will increase your chances of getting crucial evidence that supports your position. Also, your lawyer will help you present evidence and establish your best arguments consistent with the evidence they have obtained. The best attorney will aggressively protect your rights, guaranteeing a fair process or establishing the deficiencies that convince a court to reverse the adverse findings of your college or university. 


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