Gcash Under Maintenance Today



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What is GCash and how does it work?

The GCash app can provide a corresponding GCredit amount depending on your individual GScore. GCredit is a safe way of providing credit to those who traditionally have no credit cards and have no savings account, without leaning on high-interest lenders.

How do I contact GCash support?

On the GCash app, you can find it in the Help Center option, either on the login screen or on the dashboard menu. From the GCash Help Center website or GCash app, you can also submit a ticket to report your concern.

Can I have more than one GCash account?

I have multiple GCash accounts. Does this also mean I have multiple GCredit accounts as well? No, all your GCredit accounts are shared only as one account to you. Does GCredit have an annual fee?

How long does it take to get money back into GCash?

I experienced the same problem months ago, and was able to get the money back into my Gcash for about 24 hours. But their usual process could take up to 72 hours. Please keep your self updated about BPI and Gcash system maintenance because that is sometimes the cause of these issues.

Gcash Under Maintenance Today

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