Greg Hardy Was Teased In Another Early KO Loss At UFC 272

Sergey Spivak easily defeated Greg Hardy at UFC 272 on Saturday. Spivak praised Hardy’s strength, but said his wrestling game is limited. It is the third consecutive knockout defeat for Hardy, a former NFL player. Loading Something is loading.

LAS VEGAS — Former NFL player Greg Hardy was teased in another humble first-round knockout loss at UFC 272.

The American heavyweight said at a media event Insider attended earlier this week that he wants to switch to boxing and fight power punchers such as Deontay Wilder and Jarrell Miller.

But any value he has had in his martial arts career seems to be fight by fight as he is constantly mistreated in the Octagon.

On Saturday, in a main fight against Sergey Spivak that took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Hardy was broken up.

Hardy tried powerful punches, but his wild attempts to connect hissed past the massive target in front of him, hitting nothing but air.

Spivac, on the other hand, simply assaulted Hardy and sent him to the floor with a hip throw.

Though Hardy managed to free himself and get back to his feet, he was out of control, and Spivac sent him back to the ground whining shot after shot at Hardy.

Spivac passed with three of his four elimination attempts and landed 17 of his 30 strikes for a 57% link rate.

Watch Hardy cringe as Spivak goes to celebrate his win:

—ESPN MMA (@espnmma) March 6, 2022

A seeming perfection, Spivac said after his win that there are things he can improve on and things he can “do more”.

Spivac said Hardy is “great hitting, but his wrestling” isn’t great. “He has explosion, power, but he can’t wrestle well.”

The loss drops Hardy to seven wins (six knockouts and one decision) against five losses. He has lost three in a row, all by knockout, including two consecutive opening round beatdowns.

Spivac, meanwhile, improves his pro MMA record to 14 wins (six knockouts, six submissions and two decisions) against three losses.

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