Hiring a Family Attorney to Help Address Common Child Custody Issues 

An experienced attorney or barrister-at-Law When divorcing or separating parents can’t agree on a custodial arrangement, a lot of child custody issues can arise. Usually, disputes occur when parents differ in their idea of what is best for their children. Sometimes, judicial intervention may be necessary to resolve these issues, so a judge makes decisions based on what’s best for the child involved. For example, the state usually gets involved in issues such as allegations of child neglect and domestic abuse. Or if a parent abandoned the home state with the child, it becomes necessary for a family court to think about interstate custody and judicial laws. An experienced attorney in Ridgeland can help a parent navigate complicated parental disputes in a way that they can easily understand.  Common Child Custody Issues When parents decide to separate or divorce, they need to come up with a workable parenting schedule. Between their work responsibilities and their children’s school hours, recreational programs, and vacation, a court may not be able to enter shared custody orders if there is not flexibility between both parents. In this case, physical custody may be granted by a judge to a parent even if both parents cannot give their child a healthy and safe home.  If both parents cannot agree, they may look to family court to help them address their differences and inability to decide custody, including issues unstable home environments, parental alienation, children’s changing needs, and other issues. When a judge awards custody, they always focus on the best interest of the child. A skilled lawyer can help parents understand the family law guidelines that apply to their case.  Sometimes, child custody cases can include addressing allegations of child neglect and child abuse. These concerns include domestic violence, abandonment, malnourishment, physical abuse, sexual abuse allegations, mental health issues, substance abuse, and others.  During child custody proceedings, concerned parents must submit evidence of such allegations. Their attorney can help them fight a parent’s right as they face allegations of abuse or neglect from the other parent or the state.  Streamlining the Custody Proceeding with the Help of a Family Attorney Even if issues arise with parenting or scheduling conflict, a parent does not have to go through prolonged litigation. A great family lawyer can negotiate a settlement with the other parent, so they can file a joint modification to a previous order. Often, this route will save them both money and time. Also, this is a better option for their kids because they do not need to see their parents stressed out on upcoming hearings in court. 


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