How can you prepare your business for digital disruption?


In just a quarter of a century, a staggering number of technological changes have transformed businesses and industries. Still, business leaders, especially those who are quite risk averse, often fear the fundamental shifts digital transformation will bring. They may be reluctant to part with their old technology and activities – and adopt entirely new digital solutions. Or maybe they don’t want to be disruptive for the sake of ‘disruption’, which never adds any real value to the business.

Nevertheless, business leaders should pay close attention to the technological disruption happening around them. They should see advanced technology and change management more as a continuous interaction – facilitating the delivery of optimal products and services. They need to adopt best practices to tackle digital disruption head-on, so that the latter works for – not against – the company.

Best practices for disruption

If history is any indication, organizations can not only survive, but also thrive during periods of major technological disruption. But first, they need to develop key digital strategies such as the following:

A better understanding of the core products and services in the market. See how the latest technology is disrupting industries and increasing business efficiency and effectiveness. Consider shorter adoption and deployment cycles. Drive incremental and flexible implementation — during the test and execution phases — and put the digital solution directly in the hands of employees. Evaluate the company culture on a more regular basis. Recognize that culture is no longer static. Gain an understanding of where technology stands among employees, in both tactical and strategic terms, and determine – within reasonable limits – the cultural changes needed to achieve success. Enable digital champions. Invite digital transformation veterans to educate employees who are less versed in technology adoption. Keep innovating. Look for newer ways to improve the business.

Digital transformation journey

Of course, when embarking on a digital transformation journey, the first step is to accept that no one can implement a digital transformation program on their own. Indeed, it really takes “a village”.

Digital transformation is intrinsically linked to change management, requiring different departments to work together in an integrated manner. This ensures that the deployment of digital tools is supported company-wide and never stalls – and fosters a much stronger digital culture.

In turn, organizations will develop innovative solutions that help solve complex business challenges over time. This digital transformation will also align companies with a rapidly changing world – and open the minds of business leaders to all technological possibilities.

So simply set your own lens and look around digital disruption. You will come to see it as something that is not only inevitable, but completely desirable.

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