How to negotiate with moving companies in NYC?


Moving companies are growing and offering their services all over the world, especially in major cities like NYC. Moving your home is not only time-consuming and tiring, but it will quickly run out of money if you don’t keep track of your expenses. You can also save a few bucks by using good negotiation strategies. So you can hire the best NYC moving companies from Moving Apt at affordable prices. But make sure you are dealing with real ones and disagree with those offering low ball quotes.

Negotiate with moving company

As a buyer, you are conditioned to try certain tactics. It can be very tempting to know these tricks. Check out a few:

Get the details of The Move first

Before talking to a moving company, it’s critical to get details. Know how much stuff you want to transport, the distance of the move, the special services needed, the type of stuff and so on. Usually the average cost of a local move is lower than that of a long distance move.

Know the average moving costs by using the moving cost calculator available on the different movers’ websites. Gather as much information as possible. Know what different companies are offering at what prices by visiting their website. Set both short and realistic benchmarks.

Choose three moving companies to get quotes

To get the best deal from the best-chosen movers, ask for estimates from these companies. After knowing that they provide services according to your needs and requirements, checking their backgrounds like USDOT number, insurance policies and all other references and making sure that they are the right choice for you, you should ask them for quotes.

You should not believe the estimates that are not clear, non-binding, without a personal home survey or video survey, and in which you do not find movers interested in knowing the details. When requesting quotes, consider costs, special services you need, packaging materials used, and any additional services. Compare all offers based not only on the final price, but also on how the costs have been estimated. If you have something in mind, don’t hesitate to ask.

Demand to match competitor’s prices

Most of the organizations present there prefer to lower the price they initially quoted because they don’t want to lose their customers to their competitors. So you can use the trick to get a discount.

Professional mover

Be open to certain compromises

For a successful negotiation arrangement you must be willing to make some sacrifices eg if you are flexible enough to change the date of move and can afford to move on the date that is favorable to the movers then this is the big reason that you get a deal at a good price. If you don’t move during peak seasons, such as summer, holidays, weekends, and end of the month, you can save a few bucks. The compromises may differ per situation.

Look for special discounts

There are many companies present that offer special offers and discounts from time to time to make their services reach a wider audience. If you are looking for special offers, you may be able to get the job done at less cost. These special discounts may include special services you require or other benefits for both parties.

be persistent

When you ask for negotiation, you have to be persistent. Some movers may not give you an offer at first, so instead of just following what they ask, wait a day or two. This can help you get what you’re asking for. But make sure your deal is achievable and you know the approximate average cost and don’t ask for less than that.

Finish everything!

Claiming that moving is an expensive process is not a complete sentence, yes on every move quote you get from movers there are chances of the discount but to get these you need to have good negotiation strategies with you. So use the above guide to do this effectively. Using your creative ideas as a weapon can be very helpful.

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