Increasing Brand Awareness Using Printed Media


We’ve all been there. You’re walking through the mall or the grocery store when a flyer or brochure catches your eye. Before you know it, you’ve stopped and are reading about an upcoming movie that is being released, a new special offer from a local business, or maybe just some interesting new information.

You probably didn’t realize that you were being targeted by a form of advertising media known as Printed Media. Printed Media is simply any form of advertising that is printed on paper and distributed to consumers in some way. This form of advertising has been around for centuries and has been used successfully to promote various products, services, events and more throughout the years. Anyone who wants to increase their brand awareness would be wise to consider using Printed Media advertising as part of their strategy.

Brand awareness refers to the level of consumers who are familiar with your brand and can recognize and identify it. Branding is all about getting consumers familiar with your product or service, and creating a positive association with it. Every interaction you have with prospects and customers is an opportunity to build brand awareness.

In an increasingly digital world, you may think that print media is dead or dying, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While, yes, the effects of print media are harder to measure than digital media, that doesn’t devalue its importance in establishing brand awareness and trust among consumers.

Print advertising is still a powerful way to reach your target market, and it can be used to effectively enhance your digital marketing efforts as well.

Here are some suggestions for incorporating print into your marketing mix:

Signage. Put your logo and message on everything you can – from car magnets to yard signs to building signs. People will see your message everywhere they go!

Direct mail postcards. Choose a few hundred households in an area where you want to grow your business and send them a direct mail postcard introducing yourself and offering a special offer. This is an effective way to kick off a new campaign in a new area and get people talking about your business!

Brochures. Create brochures with information about your products or services and distribute them at trade shows or conferences, or leave them with local businesses who agree to distribute them for you (such as hotels).

Find out more information here on increasing brand awareness with printed media.


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