Job Opening for Community Resources Manager in City of Las Vegas (City of Las Vegas, NV)

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Job Category : Management
Company Name: City of Las Vegas
Position Name: Community Resources Manager
Location : City of Las Vegas, NV
Job Description : About the Position Career Opportunity The City of Las Vegas invites applications for Community Resources Manager. This position will direct, manage, and coordinate assigned staff, programs and activities within the Office of Community Services; coordinates assigned activities with other city departments, divisions and outside agencies; and provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Director, Community Services and Deputy Community Services Director. Supervision Received and Exercised Receives administrative direction from the Director, Community Services, Deputy Community Services Director and higher management staff. Acts as a formal supervisor, exercising direct supervision including monitoring and formally evaluating employee performance, employee selection and discipline. SELECTION PROCESS: The selection process will include a review of all applications with only the most qualified participating in an interview. Final candidate selection will include hiring interview (if applicable). Any individual offered employment will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test and complete background check. Some positions may require preliminary background checks. Essential Functions: Manage all staff, services and activities associated with community resources or development programs that promote collaboration between the city, its neighborhoods, stakeholders and partners. Find alternative solutions to challenging problems and foster stronger community relationships. Manage resources to develop and implement affordable housing and rehabilitation programs, public and human services programs, and capital projects; monitor activities to determine their effect on the office’s goals and policies. Manage resources to sustain livable communities; develop and implement neighborhood programs to build self-sustaining communities; provide services to implement community initiatives designed to build neighborhood capacity; and monitor community activities. Develop relationships with community partners. Lead and participate in community initiatives designed to improve the quality of life for Las Vegas residents. Oversee and participate in the development and administration of the division budget; direct the forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies; monitor and approve expenditures; direct the preparation of and implement budgetary adjustments as necessary. Manage and oversee the development and implementation of internal and external audits, technical operations, systems and support to the office. Evaluate training needs of assigned division and develop applicable programs; conduct training on a wide variety of topics including management and supervisory techniques, customer service, team building, career planning and related topics. Manage and participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and priorities for assigned programs; recommend and administer policies and procedures; conduct a variety of organizational and operational studies and investigations; recommend modifications to programs, policies and procedures as appropriate. Plan, direct, coordinate and review the work plan for the assigned work unit; assign work activities, projects and programs; review and evaluate work products, methods and procedures; meet with staff to identify and resolve problems. Select professional, technical and support staff and ensures effective morale, productivity and discipline; plan, organize, administer, review and evaluate the activities and performance of staff directly and through subordinate supervisors; work with staff to establish work priorities and schedules; encourage and provide for staff training and professional development; interpret city policies and procedures for staff; prepare and conduct formal performance evaluations; works with employees to develop short and long term goals, monitor accomplishments, establish performance requirements and personal development targets and provide coaching for performance improvement and development. Interpret, apply and ensure staff complies with all relevant federal, state and local regulations and guidelines, and city policies and procedures; analyze the impact of new or revised local, state and federal regulations on development projects and adjust procedures accordingly. Monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery methods and procedures; recommend, within departmental policy, appropriate service and staffing levels. Participate in establishing the strategic direction for the Office of Community Services in alignment with City Council and city of Las Vegas strategic priorities; communicate to all assigned employees their roles in performance measurement and achieving strategic priorities; and work with staff to report measures to the city’s executive team and all members of the office. Serve on a variety of boards, commissions and committees. Provide administrative support to various ad hoc city and citizen committees. Serve as liaison between the work units, divisions, other city departments, outside agencies and citizens; negotiate and resolve sensitive and controversial issues. Provide responsible staff assistance to the director and deputy director. Coordinate activities closely with other division managers. Prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence. Provide oversight and guidance to staff in the preparation of planning, market and other necessary studies and reports within the community. Participate in, support and foster the development of a culture that values people and their differences and is free from inequities and barriers to people reaching their full potential. Participate in promoting sustainable, environmentally sensitive development and operations in the community and the office. Marginal Functions: Attend and participate in professional group meetings; stay abreast of trends and innovations in the field of neighborhood planning, community initiatives, human services and community development and outreach. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Experience: Four years of increasingly responsible experience in urban and neighborhood planning, community development or developing and administering grants and programs, including two years of administrative and supervisory responsibility. Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major in urban planning, regional planning, public administration, community development, community organization, business management or closely related field. A combination of formal education and directly related work experience may substitute for the degree. The City assesses 1.5 years of full-time experience as equivalent to one year of education. Knowledge of: Operational characteristics, services and activities of urban and neighborhood planning, community initiatives and community development. Principles and practices of urban and neighborhood planning. Management skills to analyze programs, policies and operational needs. Principles and practices of program development and administration. Principles and practices of municipal budget development, administration and monitoring. Principles of supervision, staff training and performance evaluation. Principles of business letter writing and report preparation. Local laws and regulations pertaining to planning and community development. Modern office methods, practices, procedures and equipment, including computers necessary for graphic presentation , mapping and database management. Methods and techniques of various computer technology and systems, mapping technology programs and social media applications. Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations and city policies. Pertinent federal, state and local grants funding regulations. Ability to: Prepare, administer and monitor large and complex budgets. Plan, organize and prioritize assignments. Meet critical deadlines. Be a team player in an environment that requires flexibility and multi-tasking skills. Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, evaluate the consequences of proposed actions and implement solutions that support the division’s goals. Interpret, apply, explain and enforce federal, state and local, laws, codes and regulations including grant funding programs, and city and department policies. Communicate clearly, concisely and with political acumen, both orally and in writing. Establish and maintain effective working relationships and collaborative partnerships with those contacted in the course of work. Present reports to Council and city management. Speak before formal and informal groups of all types and sizes. Seek and accept input and assistance from others. Empower employees by demonstrating confidence in their ability to be successful. Support creative thinking and problem solving by encouraging feedback. Help others understand and manage change. Cultivate and maintain community partnerships and outreach efforts. Competencies: In addition to Core Workforce and Supervisor Competencies: Executive Competencies Establishing Trust – Noticing, interpreting and anticipating others concerns and feelings; creating opportunities for collaborative, respectful dialogue; showing trust in others first and holding self and others accountable for words and behaviors that build community; using face to face communication as a primary means to build trust within the organization. Communicating Clarity – Developing and communicating goals in support of the city mission, vision and purpose; clarifying direction of work, roles and expectations for successful attainment of objectives. Providing Recognition – Identifying and recognizing employees at all levels for their ideas, work and achievements; providing opportunities for both formal and informal recognition within the organization; creating a culture of peer recognition and encouragement. Reinforcing Organizational Health – Routinely reviewing existing processes, practices and policies to ensure a balance in the ability to work productively and efficiently with employee needs for empowerment and development; changing processes, practices and policies when necessary to achieve the balance; establishing regular professional development time for each employee so they have opportunities to attend classes and other activities to enhance their professional growth; meeting regularly with employees. Thinking Globally – Finding effective solutions and prioritizing problems using holistic, “big picture” thinking; putting the needs of the broader organization or community ahead of the needs of an individual department or community; developing and analyzing both near and long term impacts of decisions. Business and Political Acumen – Having expertise in technical, political and budgetary leadership responsibilities; preparing and presenting complex concepts and proposals in a respectful, collaborative, understandable way to build community; comparing competing priorities and agendas looking for ways to establish a win/win solution whenever possible; speaking at community events and to the media to enhance the city’s reputation and standing with the broader community. Community Engagement – Identifying and working with different communities, whether internal, external or both, to achieve city mission, vision and purpose; including groups of stakeholders in decisions that affect them, directly or indirectly, whenever possible to do so; acting on decisions and strategies developed through community engagement. WORKING CONDITIONS Environmental Conditions: Office and field environments; exposure to computer screens. Physical Conditions: Essential and marginal functions require: Maintaining effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for: – Making observations; – Communicating with others; – Reading and writing; and – Operating assigned equipment. Maintaining mental capacity, which allows the capability of: – Making sound decisions; – Effective interaction and communication with others; and – Demonstrating intellectual capabilities. Maintaining physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, which may include the following: – Sitting for extended periods of time; and – Operating assigned equipment. CITY OF LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Executive Compensation and Benefits – 2021 COMPENSATIONAnnual Base Pay Increases Employees may be eligible for annual performance-based merit increase or cash bonus in first pay period of fiscal year. BENEFITSUniform Allowance Applies to uniformed executives in Fire & Rescue, Public Safety, and Municipal Court, currently $1,500/year Retirement Benefit eligible employees participate in the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Nevada (PERS). PERS, a statewide defined benefit plan, calculates retirement benefits based on 2.25 percent (current percentage for employees hired 7/1/15 and after) for each year of service, applied to the employee’s highest consecutive 36-month average salary. PERS also requires that employees share 50 percent of the PERS contribution, which is implemented by reducing the City’s salary ranges. The highest consecutive 36-month average salary is increased commensurate with the salary range reductions required by PERS. Deferred Compensation The city offers a 457(b) Plan which is a government deferred compensation plan similar to a 401(k) plan. It offers both pre-tax and after-tax savings and investment options. Deferred Compensation Match City provides a 100% match annually (on a per pay period basis) to your contributions, up to the following amounts in a 401(a) plan – Executive / Senior Executive)o Years 1-2 (0–24 months) $4,000 / $4,000 o Years 3-4 (25–48 months) $5,000 / $6,000 o Year 5 (49–60 months) $6,000 / $7,000 o After 5 years (>60 months) $7,000 / $8,000 Employees are fully vested in the match after 5 years of service or at age 65. Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Employees are covered the first of the month following date of employment. Five medical plans, two dental and two vision plans are available. City pays 100% of employee premium + 50% of dependent premium. Life and AD&D Insurance City provides $100,000 insurance at no cost. Additional voluntary life insurance and AD&D insurance available for purchase. Senior Executives-after 2 years of service as a Senior Executive, City will provide $25,000 additional life insurance, which will be permanently continued after separation. Disability Insurance City provides short term and long term disability policies: STD: City pays 100% of base salary, for up to 90 days of medical disability lasting over one week under STD, from first day of disability City pays 100% of base salary for a period over 90 days, if employee has applied for long term disability or PERS disability retirement, until a determination is final or employee is separated LTD: Benefits begin after 90 days of disability. Payment is up to 70% of earnings, up to $15,000/month, and may not be supplemented with sick or vacation. Tuition Reimbursement Employee Assistance ProgramAnnual Health & Wellness Reimbursement Employees may apply for reimbursement up to $2,000 annually for out of pocket health & educational wellness expenses. Up to $1,000 (half of the $2,000 annual benefit) may be used by you or an immediate family member for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) classes taken in pursuit of a college degree. Also, up to $1,000 (half of the $2,000 annual benefit) may be used by you or an immediate family member for your direct repayment of student loans. Senior Executives-may apply for reimbursement up to $5,000 once every 24 months for an executive physical. ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMS Employees covered by a City health plan and their covered spouse and dependents over age 18 are eligible for a comprehensive wellness physical exam annually at no cost to them at WellTrac. VACATION Year 1: 3.69 hours/pay period = 96 hours/year Years 2 – 5: 5.85 hours/pay period = 152 hours/year Years 6 – 10: 7.08 hours/pay period = 184 hours/year Years 11 – 15: 7.69 hours/pay period = 200 hours/year Year 16 and over: 8 hours/pay period = 208 hours/year Maximum Accrual: 250 hours, no accrual beyond that point Sell Back: Annual leave may be accumulated to a maximum of 250 hours; no accrual beyond that point. June and December sell-back, must leave balance of 40 hours. HOLIDAY City provides 11 holidays plus a birthday holiday. SICK LEAVE Sick Leave Accrual: 4 hours/pay period = 104 hours/year. Sick Leave, maximum accrual: 480 hours; no accrual beyond that point. Sick Leave, annual buy-back: None. Sick Leave payout at separation: None. RETIREE HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCE Available for purchase – retiree pays full cost of premium. NOTE: The City’s Benefits programs can be amended, reduced or eliminated at any time with or without notice as a management prerogative. Revised 01/2021
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