Home Management Job Opening for Electrician Supervisor in Government of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC)

Job Opening for Electrician Supervisor in Government of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC)

Job Opening for Electrician Supervisor in Government of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC)
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Job Category : Management
Company Name: Government of the District of Columbia
Position Name: Electrician Supervisor
Location : Washington, DC
Job Description : This position is located at the 113th Civil Engineering Squadron, in the Maintenance Shop, Facility Operations and Maintenance Branch of the District of Columbia National Guard. The primary purpose of this position is to provide the direct supervision over all of the Electricians/Power Pro Mechanics and Electrician Workers assigned. Planning: Plans work assignments based on general work orders/schedules, methods, and establishes deadlines. Monitors the work of technicians assigned to the shop by passing along in-shop production assignments as directed by the supervisor and/or production control. Insures that needed materials, tools, and equipment are available, and obtains needed stock from supply locations through proper channels. Ensures the other shop technicians attend to assigned work in order to ensure full utilization of personnel and completion of assignments in accordance with established time frames and priorities. Check work in progress and/or upon completion for compliance with supervisor’s instructions and appropriate technical orders. Work Direction: Serves as the shop technical advisor by answering the other shop technicians’ questions regarding appropriate procedures, policies, written instructions, and other directives. Assures that safety, housekeeping, security, and other environmental rules are followed by shop technicians. Works inside and outside including inclement weather on ladders, scaffolding, platforms, roof tops and excavations; sometimes in close, cramped and hard to reach places. Frequently must lift and carry items weighing 50 lbs. Subject to falls from high places, cave-ins, electrical shock, sewer gas, gasoline, diesel, oil and acid fumes. Cuts, bruises and broken bones may result from accidents while working with powered tools and equipment. Administration: As the Shop Foreman the incumbent will perform material cost estimates, assign work crews, monitor work progress, approve leave requests and certify time and attendance for shop personnel. Plans and schedules on-the-job training and production work to be accomplished by drill status guardsmen on drill weekends. Location: Andrews Air Force Base, Joint Base, Andrews, MD Hours: TBD Qualifications Knowledge of construction, installation, operation, and troubleshooting of sophisticated circuitry and controls associated with unique projects. Knowledge and application of electrical principles, materials, and safety standards. Ability to independently plan, lay-out, set-up, determine proper materials, procedures, equipment and tools, and to develop solutions to unusual or unique problems. Skill in using non-standard tools and equipment and in determining non- standard uses for standard tools and equipment to complete highly complex, unusual tasks. May require knowledge of complex shop math (i.e., algebra and trigonometry). Plans and accomplishes work from initial layout to final assembly which involves interpreting and applying building plans, specifications, blueprints, sketches and other electrical guides or codes. Determines the methods, techniques, materials, devices, and sequences best suited to do the work. Completes work by any of the accepted methods and techniques of the trade, i.e., fabricates odd size jointing parts and improvises installations when blueprints and sketches do not provide or fail to show data necessary to do the work. Works with other shop technicians and sets the pace in performing the non-supervisory duties of the maintenance shop. Works alone or as a member of a work crew, either in a shop situation or at a work site, and applies the full range of skills and techniques of the maintenance career fields in repairing, construction, remodeling, and maintaining a variety of buildings, structures, and utility distribution systems. Plans and lays out work in accordance with drawings, sketches, blueprints, and own knowledge of construction or needed repairs. Installs electrical distribution systems. Splices strings and/ or lays overhead and underground wire and cable. Erects and aligns poles. Climbs poles and attaches cross arms and hardware. Installs electrical components such as insulators, transformers, voltage regulators, circuit breakers, junction boxes, switch boxes, potheads, and associated brackets and braces. Assembles and installs substation components. Lays direct burial cable or lays cable in conduit or concrete ducts. Cuts, bends, threads, and/or connects and mounts wire shield in conduit, shielded cable, or material such as wire mold. Threads and pulls wiring through conduits with fish tapes, ropes and power winches. Completes mechanical and electrical connections to distribution systems equipment such as transformers, high voltage switch gear, junction boxes, distribution panels, buss bars, outlets, switches, fuses, circuit breakers, and emergency power equipment. Shapes, mounts, and connects conduit, tubing, wiring, and buss bars to complete connection of utility electricity to power, lighting, heating, alarm and control equipment, machinery, and circuits. Mounts and connects inside, street, obstruction, and air field lighting fixtures. Makes electrical connection to electrical power operated equipment such as motor starters, voltage and current regulators, solenoids, rheostats: switches actuated by manual, electrical, or mechanical power; household and commercial type heating, cooling, and electrical motor operated appliances; sensing alarm, and central devices associated with hazards sensing, indicating, and control devices associated with air conditioning, cold storage and heating systems and quantity measurement. Installs electric storage battery banks. Uses common hand tools and special tools and equipment such as hotline tools, pole jacks, climbing equipment, wire and cable clamping and gripping devices, power winches, insulating blankets and gloves, tree-trimming tools, tubing and conduit bender, hand and motor operated conduit threading machines, lead melting and pouring devices, cable splicing compounds and materials, soldering torches, compressed air voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters; and specially insulated tools for high voltage applications. Other requirements Mandatory (a) Incumbent of this position must be able to obtain and maintain a completed National Agency. Check Investigation (NACI) clearance. (b) DC Government security clearance and background checks. Must be able to obtain a secret security clearance. Desirable: Good leadership and management abilities. A background in mechanical and/or structural work area. Ability to effectively communicate written and orally in the English Language. Must possess a state issued motor vehicle operator’s permit. Work Environment The work environment involves moderate risks or discomforts which requires special safety precautions such as those required when working around moving parts or machinery, working in bad weather, possible exposure to injury from falling, electrical shock, and burns. The work is done inside and outside and is usually dirty, dusty, and greasy. The electrician is sometimes required to make repairs and installations outside in bad weather and in work areas that are noisy. The electrician is occasionally exposed to the possibility of cuts and bruises.
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