Home Management Job Opening for Security Shift Manager – Full-Time (Paris) in Caesars Entertainment (Las Vegas, NV)

Job Opening for Security Shift Manager – Full-Time (Paris) in Caesars Entertainment (Las Vegas, NV)

Job Opening for Security Shift Manager – Full-Time (Paris) in Caesars Entertainment (Las Vegas, NV)
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Job Category : Management
Company Name: Caesars Entertainment
Position Name: Security Shift Manager – Full-Time (Paris)
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Job Description : The Security Shift Manager will assist the VP of Security or the Director of Security with the administration duties of the Security Department, and assist with the implementation of the department’s programs. The Security Shift Manager will follow the directives as set forth in the policies and procedures manual to ensure the effective and efficient operation of all shifts. The Security Shift Manager acts as the primary contact between the shifts and the VP of Security or the Director of Security. In this capacity, the Security Shift Manager implements the written and verbal directives of the VP of Security or the Director of Security. The Security Shift Manager will be responsible for shift function and personnel, lost and found property, reports, equipment and supplies necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the Security Department, and other tasks assigned by the VP of Security or the Director of Security. The Security Shift Manager will oversee the safeguarding of the Companies properties, team members, customers and other items of value on Company premises from preventable harm or danger. RESPONSIBILITIES Security Shift Managers are ordinarily assigned to manage the various shifts, but may be assigned additional duties by the VP or Security or the Director of Security. A Security Shift Manager, subject to the direction by the VP of Security or Director of Security, shall be responsible for planning, directing, controlling, and coordinating all activities within their shift. The Security Shift Manager is responsible for the entire security function on their respective shift and overall supervision of all Security Officers on said shift. To this end, the Security Shift Manager will establish priorities, maintain follow-up to ensure adherence to schedules and work standards, report all security matters to the VP of Security or to the Director of Security, supervise, plan, and schedule security activities on a daily basis. QUALIFICATIONS The following qualifications will be required for the Security Shift Manager. High school graduate or equivalent is required 4 to 5 years preferred prior supervision 4 to 5 years employment in a security related department or law enforcement, public service or military is preferred Ability to manage several tasks at once A thorough knowledge of accepted Gaming and Security procedures Teaching and/or training background preferred Must possess good oral and written communication skills along with a good working knowledge of basic computer programs Must be able to obtain a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) permit. Successful completion of a Firearms Qualification Course is required. Must be able to obtain and possess a Nevada Gaming Card, an Alcohol Awareness Card (AES), and have a current and valid Nevada Driver’s License. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS / ATTRIBUTES Neat, professional appearance with good personal hygiene. Set an example and be a role model / leader for all Security personnel through observance of all departmental policies and procedures. Must be “team centered” and able to share credit due with fellow team members while promoting a positive work environment and team spirit. Must work well with other departments and management as necessary. Must be tactful, maintain confidences, and foster an ethical work environment, prevent inappropriate behavior by co-workers, handle all situations honestly. Able to communicate clearly with staff, management, and the public through oral and written word, read and interpret complex information, be an active listener with customers and / or clients. Must be able to assume a role of authority as necessary in a high risk crisis, exhibiting judgment and a realistic understanding of issues, review facts, weigh options, delegate responsibility, and empower associates to make decisions, provide constructive feedback. Must show respect and be able to adapt to different values, cultures, or backgrounds when dealing with difficult people or situations. Build and maintain long term associations based on trust, help others. Must be able to maintain high standards despite pressing deadlines, establish high standards and measures, do work right the first time and inspect material for flaws. Must be able to test new methods thoroughly and reinforce excellence as a fundamental priority. PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS Must be able to work and stand inside and outside, sometimes in heat in excess of 115 degrees, or cold as low as 10 degrees. Must be able to physically restrain individuals when a condition of arrest exists. Must be able to respond calmly in crisis and stressful situations, and be able to make rational decisions when handling guest and employee issues. Must be able to work independently. Must be able to stoop, bend, jump, twist, crouch, grip, carry heavy loads and maneuver quickly on level surfaces, as well as, up and down stairs. Must be able to lift and carry up to 60 pounds. Must be able to push or pull up to 150 pounds. Must be able to see and, also, remember the specific details of incidents and persons. Must be able to give court testimony when necessary and write detailed reports. The Security Shift Manager responds to visual and aural cues, and must be able to read, write, speak and understand English. Must be able to tolerate areas containing second hand smoke, high noise levels, bright lights and dust. Must pass the physical and written testing of the Western Division Security Academy (Controlled Force, Defensive Tactics, Legal Issues, Handcuffing, Tactical Communications, Use of Force, Report Writing, Searching Subjects, Emergency Response, Ethics, and Expandable Baton) within the first ninety days of employment. Must re-certify, between years 2 and 3, through the Western Division Security Academy , and must pass all physical, mental and environmental demands as required.
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