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Who is licensed to operate Sabong online?

According to Domingo, only the Lucky 8 Starquest of Atong Ang and the Belvedere Corp. of businessman Bong Pineda were issued with licenses to operate sabong online after paying the performance bond of P75 million each.

What is Atong Ang’s net worth?

Atong Ang has never publicly declared his wealth, but his net worth is estimated to be up to $2 million or even more. Former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II claims that Atong earns Php50 million a day from his numerous gambling operations. Does Atong Ang Own Online Sabong in the Philippines?

Can I bet on Sabong online?

Although sabong is still popular and hosted in various parts of the country, this does not allow you to participate in sabong online betting. The licensed offshore online casinos and sportsbooks that we list on this site do not allow bets on sabong Pinoy or other blood sport.

What is Sabong in the Philippines?

Sabong, a blood sport that involves fighting cocks, is a popular form of recreational activity in the Philippines. A product of history and colonial influence, sabong is popularly played in different parts of the country and hosted for different occasions.

Online Sabong Atong Ang

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