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One of the most powerful applications in Microsoft is Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft Excel. And the applications of Microsoft Excel are vital in any business venture. Applications such as Microsoft Excel continue to expand its functionality continuously. As a result, only a few know the full features of the app and that is why it is necessary to take Excel courses. Fortunately, most of these courses can be found online.

Popular Excel courses

Some of the most popular Excel courses are listed below:

Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced

Excel from Beginner to Advanced teaches all the basics of Microsoft Excel that apply to all versions of Excel, including Excel 2016 and Excel 365. It teaches students all the important Excel functions such as SUM, IF, VLOOKUP, and so on. Upon completion, students will be able to handle large amounts of data and create dynamic reports.

Excel Essentials for the Real World (Complete Excel Course)

Excel Essentials for the Real World Complete Excel course is suitable for beginners and those with experience and allows students to use pivot charts, tables, charts, slicers, and timelines. It teaches Power Query, various hacks and hidden features, and how to turn disorganized data into charts. Moreover, it covers the new features like SORT and FILTER.

Advanced Microsoft Data Visualization Excel Course

Advanced Microsoft Data Visualization is an intermediate and advanced course for Excel 2016 and the latest version. It teaches advanced features such as automated dashboards and scroll charts. And it also learns when and how, and what type of chart to use from 20 plus different types. In addition, it teaches 12 in-depth advanced Excel demos.

Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series – Levels 1, 2 & 3

Excel Essentials: Complete Excel Series includes three levels over nearly 27 hours of class. It has all the lessons from creating spreadsheets to creating a relational database and creating and sending an email automatically. In the third level you go from using formulas to building formulas yourself, you learn to program in Visual Basic Application (VBA), you automate Excel with VBA and much more.

Manage Excel PivotTables: Excel 365 and Excel 2019

Master Excel PivotTables is another intermediate class with Excel 2016 and later that teaches in-depth how to build advanced pivot tables. You will learn how to group data automatically and manually, filter data, summarize PivotTable values ​​using various calculations, and understand the difference between PivotTables and PivotTables.

The Microsoft Excel Course Advanced Excel Training

In this Advanced Excel Training you will learn financial models and advanced Excel functions. Learn the basics of financial modeling. Professional finance functions are thought of as net present value, IRR, future value and discounted cash flow. Upon completion, you will be able to professionally build integrated financial models and create sheets and charts.

The Ultimate Programming Course for Excel Programmers

The Ultimate Excel Programmer teaches you how to program Excel to perform a specific task that you enjoy. You will be able to automate data entry forms, shape your function in VBA and CELLS, develop special commands and manipulate data entry user forms, and much more. In more than 40 lessons.

Microsoft Excel: Record Macros

One of the shorter courses on Excel, Microsoft Excel Recording Macros, teaches you how to work with macros and how to handle macros recorded in Excel. Without prior programming skills, it teaches how to work in the Excel tab for developers to learn where macros are stored and distinguish between relative and absolute macros.

Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis

Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis teaches students the basics of business data analysis and how to choose from the 8 different types of data analysis in Excel. It also teaches mechanisms to build an interactive dashboard and methods for data analysis and presentation. You will also learn how to turn data into decision-making intelligence.

Microsoft Excel Training Class Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

From the basics to the very advanced Training Class Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours will teach you everything. From formatting worksheets to writing formulas, removing duplicates, and using data tools like sorting and subtotals, this six-hour course covers a lot. It goes further in teaching Excel Project and Excel templates, integrating Microsoft Word and Excel, extracting data from the web into Excel, and more.

By taking these courses, entrepreneurs or freelancers can benefit by expanding their knowledge and improving their day-to-day business decisions. These classes also have the potential for freelance job opportunities. All courses listed above provide a Certificate of Completion and lifetime access to all learning materials and videos, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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