Introduction to Medicare advantage plan:

Medicare Advantage plans constitutes of a special plan that covers PART A and PART B PLAN of original Medicare. Medicare advantage plan is basically a sold out plan from insurance companies which is a sort of an alternative fir original Medicare. 

Medicare advantage plan is a long-term, convenient and flexible Medicare plan. However, on the other hand, it is critiqued due to being costly and a few lacking coverage options.

Medical advantage plan also covers a vast aspect of vision, hearing and many others.

Advantages and disadvantages of Medicare advantage plan:

Following are the advantages of Medicare advantage plan:

  • Medicare advantage planprovides a lot of advantages constituting hospitalization, healthcare services, and prescription drug coverage and hospice care. Medicare advantage plan offers good servicesin terms of doctor visits. Doctors do visit to the enrollees personally in a good manner.
  • No other plan provides the facility of vision, dental and audible tests. However, Medicare advantage plan provides a lot of services and coverage related to these aspects of medicines.
  • If you step-in Medicare advantage plan once, you would further expand the business. This Medicare type is highly flexible and can be proved as a good deal in terms of Medicare.

Below are the disadvantages of Medicare advantage plan:

  • According to the critics, the Medicare advantage plan is too costly to handle as compared to the original Medicare. They say that Medicare advantage plan consumes a lot of worth in terms of billings, residency and other minor expenditures. Also it costs extra charges for the sake of coverage.
  • Medicare advantage plan is highly accountable for its limited service providers. You may get lack of proper amount of service providers in case of many types of Medicare advantage plan. However, in other Medicare plans, they provide you with a good number of service providers.
  • Medicare advantage plan is not considered to be a standard Medicare plan as it is badly bounded by within-state-coverage. This is a highly weak point in case if a Medicare plan. In such case, Medicare advantage plan isn’t a good option if you want a travelling coverage.
  • Medicare advantage plan offers you many of the types of plans to make you choose your own one. But, this makes it too hard because it ultimately narrows down your thinking capability to decide which one is best for you.


Everything has its own pros and cones. But, it’s all up to you how you manage to utilize the positive and the negative aspect. When on one side Medicare advantage plan gives you an opportunity of personalized Medicare plan. At same time, it makes you confused to choose the good one on the other side. Secondly, it provides you with almost every kind of service, but badly lags in travelling service. However, Medicare advantage plan can be utilized better if rectified. If talking about the choosing, then the guides must be providing you with the whole menu that you need to know for selecting the best plan with best budget.


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