Season 11, Episode 16 Details You Missed


Make no mistake, Maggie has not forgiven Negan, despite what she said to him on Sunday.

TWD 1105 Negan and Maggie Negan and Maggie in season 11, episode five of ‘TWD’. Josh Stringer/AMC

Maggie may have told Negan she’s starting to trust him, but that doesn’t mean they’re about to be best buddies.

On the ‘Talking Dead’ aftershow, Lauren Cohan made it clear that Maggie has not forgiven the man who killed her husband in front of her.

Maggie and Negan will be paired up in next year’s “TWD” spin-off, “Isle of the Dead,” a show that Cohan teased and will be “really scary.”

Cohan said that when the show premieres, Maggie and Negan “will not be friends.”

“But there’s a lot that comes up between them by being forced into this particular, specific situation,” Cohan said, adding, “We’re going to be in New York City. [on] a very important mission.”

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