The essence: manage

Apr 18, 2022

Having a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with your boss doesn’t require you to accommodate all of their quirks, demands, and weaknesses. There are respectful, constructive ways to meet in the middle, set boundaries, and help them achieve their goals while making your competency known.

Amy G sits down with a woman who recently left retail for her first office job and a fintech executive with a marketing background to discuss management practices that have helped them maintain positive, productive relationships with various bosses throughout their careers.


Valerie is an operations manager at a law firm. She used to work in retail.

Mita Mallick is the head of inclusion, equality and impact at Carta, a fintech company. She used to work in marketing. She co-hosts the Brown Table Talk podcast.


• HBR Guide to Managing Up and Across, by Harvard Business Review

• “Setting the Record in Managing Your Boss,” by Amy Gallo

• “How to Give Your Boss Feedback,” by Amy Gallo

• “Dealing With Your Incompetent Boss”, by Amy Gallo

• “When being indispensable backfires”, by Mita Mallick

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