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Tiger Johnson takes a great win in the fourth round

Tiger Johnson takes a great win in the fourth round
Tiger Johnson overpowered Sebastian Gabriel Chaves on Saturday. The former American Olympian is on the rise after reaching the quarter-finals of the 2021 Games. Watch his impressive knockout victory here. Loading Something is loading.

LAS VEGAS – Footage from Ringside shows Sebastian Gabriel Chaves looking dazed, confused and defeated after receiving a resounding final blow from Tiger Johnson.

Johnson starred on Saturday at a Top Rank boxing show broadcast on ESPN that took place at Resorts World on the Las Vegas strip.

Johnson represented Team USA at the 2021 Olympics, reaching the quarterfinals in Tokyo before turning pro later in the year, beating Antonius Grable by fourth-round knockout on his November debut.

His fight this weekend was his third in four months, as he seems to make a bigger impression in the professional game than in the amateur scene.

If he stings, punches so sharply and deals damaging blows with the accuracy he did against Chaves, he’ll go far.

Johnson barely celebrated his knockout win when he casually turned as Chaves collapsed to the ground after being hit with a technically adept straight right and left hook combination.

Insider sat in the press row and was impressed by the abilities of the 23-year-old.

Shakur Stevenson, another former American Olympian who has magically performed in the pro game, occupied a temporary place in the media section while supporting Johnson.

“Touch him low, Tiger!” Stevenson could be heard screaming as he tried to encourage his friend to throw shots at the body.

Stevenson is not the only influential figure Johnson can draw on as he is represented promotionally by Top Rank and its powerful founder and CEO Bob Arum.

The company’s Twitter account posted footage of Johnson’s finish line and captioned it, “Put him on your radar,” if you haven’t already.

Watch the knockout here:

—Top Class Boxing (@trboxing) March 27, 2022

One camera sharpened the effect Johnson’s knockout shot had on Chaves.

Johnson, a welterweight, hit Chaves so hard that the sound the shot made can make those watching at home shudder with sympathy.

Chaves remained on his knees as his eyes wandered listlessly. He seemed unfocused, so it was no surprise to see the referee rush in to call off the fight, rather than give a 10 count.

—Top Class Boxing (@trboxing) March 27, 2022

Victory improved Johnson’s pro record to three wins (two knockouts). He remains undefeated.

Earlier in the evening Nicolas Demario scored two knockdowns in his super lightweight fight against Josue Vargas but risked disqualification when he bit his opponent for no apparent reason.

Vargas, who fought hard all the time, took a unanimous decision win.

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