UK-Pakistan Business Council urges exporters to take maximum advantage of SAP Plus


March 24, 2022: UK-Pakistan Business Council Chair, Mian Kashif Ashfaq, Thursday urged exporters to take maximum advantage of SAP plus as it plays a key role in Pakistan’s trajectory towards a greener future.

Speaking to a delegation of women exporters led by Ms Saba Aalam Butt, he said SAP Plus has strengthened Pakistan’s commitment to further improve decent work standards and labor rights, fully protect minority rights, in addition to child labour. .

He said the apparel sector supported by SAP plus employs more than 33 percent female workers and many others in key positions.

He said increased bilateral trade has created jobs and improved workers’ working conditions.

He said sustainable policies, along with stakeholder consultation for business, had a positive impact on the national economy.

He said there is still a huge scope to fully explore Europe’s untapped markets and export volume can be increased from the existing level of €12.2 billion in bilateral trade last year, which skyrockets from €6.9 billion. EU in 2013 after granting the status.

Mian Kashif Ashfaq said EU SAP plus is a mutually beneficial arrangement leading to an increase in exports for both sides.

He said pak exports to the UK could also increase to £10bn if all available opportunities are fully exploited.

He said suit exports have increased by more than 100 percent in 12 EU member states, which speaks of a prudent economic policy by the government to facilitate exporters.

Saba Aalam Butt shares her point of view, saying that while the government fully encourages exporters, there is an urgent need for special exclusive offices for women exporters, staffed by female officers to redress their heartfelt grievances.

She said women in Pakistan make up 51 percent of the total population, the majority of which are employed in the SME sector, which can also contribute significantly to boosting global exports.


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