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What is wcp-2 paint?

A bright white, opaque NDT contrast paint, WCP-2 provides a high contrast background to improve probability of detection and sensitivity during visible magnetic particle inspections.

What is fff1 WCP 2016?

F1 WCP 2016 1.1 This is the WCP modding team's 8th mod for rFactor with better physics and models. The skins are good as always.

What does WCP-1 stand for?

The model name stands for broad gauge (W), Direct Current (C), Passenger traffic (P) engine, 1st generation (1). They entered service in 1930. A total of 22 WCP-1 was built at England between 1928 and 1929.

What is Formula E WCP 2014/15?

Formula E WCP 2014/15 2.0 This mod was made by WCP modding team, which is the first Formula E mod for rFactor. It has really good model, realistic sounds and high quality skins.

Wcp 16

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