What are fat quarters


Fat quarters are a quilter’s dream, but what exactly are they? A fat quarter is a quarter-yard of fabric cut to the width of a half yard.

An 18″ X 22″ fat quarter is commonly used in quilt shops, fabric stores and online fabric retailers.

Fat quarters are often used to make quilts, clothing and other projects. Fat quarters offer variety and can be combined with other fabrics to make a wide range of projects.

Fat quarters are pieces of fabric that measure 1/2 yard by 3/4 yard, or 18 inches by 22 inches.

Fat quarters are a great way for quilters to accumulate fabrics for scrap quilts or for any quilt in which the fabrics are designed to showcase the individual prints.

Many quilt shops and fabric stores sell fat quarters. In addition, many manufacturers sell fat quarter bundles, which contain coordinating prints from a specific collection. Tip: When buying fat quarters from a store, check the edges of the fabric to make sure it has been cut properly with a rotary cutter.

If you’re new to fabric crafting, you might be confused about fat quarters and why people like them so much. Fat quarters are 1/4 yard cuts of fabric that are larger than the typical 1/4 yard cut. In fact, they measure 18″ x 22″ instead of 9″ x 44″. They’re a must-have for quilting. You can buy online here.

Why use fat quarters?

Fat quarters are useful for a variety of reasons. First, they can be used to make half square triangles (HSTs) without any waste. That’s because you can cut one HST from each corner, leaving the middle to make another HST or half square triangle units (HSTUs). Second, they’re great for cutting out squares, rectangles, and other shapes that require a large piece of fabric. Third, fat quarters are the perfect size for testing out designs on your home sewing machine before investing in yards of fabric. Finally, they allow you to collect smaller pieces of fabric from different lines without having to invest in a lot of yardage!

Fat quarters are popular among quilters because they offer more versatility in the size of pieces that can be cut. The wider widths available with fat quarters allow for larger patches to be cut, which is often more desirable and efficient in quilt assembly. Fat quarters are also commonly used in patchwork squares when making baby blankets and other small quilts, as they don’t require any extra cutting.

Because fat quarters are less expensive than regular quilting fabric, they’re often sold in bundles of 10 or 12 matching colors or patterns, known as “fat quarter bundles.” These bundles are frequently used in scrap quilts, which rely on multiple colors and patterns.


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