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What are the most popular coloring pages for girls?

What are the most popular coloring pages for girls?

The variety of coloring pages for girls is huge. You can buy a lot of them in stationary and online stores. You can print even more pictures for free on the Internet. It happens, however, that the excess of choice can be confusing. So what coloring pages will be a good choice for girls? We ask taht question in this article.

1. LOL Surprise coloring pages

LOL Surprise coloring sheets have only been available on the market for a few years. However, they quickly gained immense popularity among girls attending kindergarten and school. The LOL Surprise coloring pages feature dolls in fancy costumes. The most popular of them are:

• Angel

• Baby Cat

• Fanime

• Flower Child

• Foxy

• Merbaby

• Bunny Hun

• Cottontail

These names don’t tell you anything? Don’t worry! The most important thing is that your daughter or granddaughter likes them.

2. Barbie coloring pages

The more classic and better known doll to most parents is Barbie. Barbie coloring pages are as popular and loved as LOL Surprise. Babrie is often accopanied by animals and her boyfriend Ken. The pictures are very vivid and drawn in a positive tone. If your child likes Barbie coloring sheets, a lot of pink crayons will definitely come in handy.

3. Horses coloring sheets

Horses coloring pages are a great choice for girls who love these dignified animals. On the Internet you will find many interesting pictures of horses, colts and riding equipment. The choice is really big. You can find realistic horses, but also drawn in a cartoon style. You can color horses coloring pages in many different ways and you don’t have to reflect reality. Use your imagination and your work will be even more interesting!

4. Cats coloring sheets

Another popular animal theme is cats. You could say that cats are the most popular animals in memes and emoticons. Coloring pages with cats are also very common. They can be wild and domestic cats. There can also be cats known from animated films like Hello Kitty or Pusheen. 

It’s best to rely on your child’s personal preferences. Cats coloring pages have a lot of charm and you should definitely consider choosing them. Especially when you have a nice kitty in your home.

5. Dora the Explorer coloring pages

Dora is a real pop culture star! Children love her, and not only girls, but also boys. No wonder as her adventures are interesting and educational. Dora also helps children learn foreign languages, which is an important educational value. That is the reason why so many parents eagerly invite their children to watch the adventures of Dora and her friends.

Printable Dora coloring pages is a truly magical world! Full of adventures, good deeds and love. Print out your favorite Dora coloring pages and spend some time with your kids. Because time spent together has the most value.


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