What Gen Z wants from employers: skip the flexibility, boost career mobility


Money talks, but for some employees it’s not everything.

Some workers would even be willing to make pay cuts for certain jobs that allow them career mobility. That’s according to LinkedIn’s most recent Workplace Confidence Survey, which was conducted among approximately 5,000 employees in March. The survey finds that 40 percent of Gen Z workers would be most willing to accept a pay cut of up to 5 percent from their current salary for a position that offers them a better opportunity for career growth, compared with 26 percent of the workforce. total workforce.

The younger generation also prioritizes “fun work,” notes the survey, which found 38 percent of Gen Z respondents would be willing to pay less for a job they liked. Millennials feel even more likely in this regard, with 40 percent saying they’d get a pay cut for a nicer job. Least important to Gen Z workers is flexibility and the ability to work remotely, with 32 percent saying this incentive would force them to make pay cuts, compared to 36 percent of millennials.

While cutting employees right now — in the midst of a labor crisis may not be advisable — provide guidance, the results of this survey are helpful as they can help you better position your jobs to attract talent. For these companies, the key is to create the fun atmosphere in your office along with the idea that upward mobility is possible.

And these incentives don’t just help fill roles, they keep employees engaged and loyal; nearly two-thirds of employees say they would leave their jobs due to a lack of growth opportunities, according to research published in September 2021 by software company Amdocs.

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