What to Look Out for When Buying a Gaming PC


Gaming PC’s are expensive and therefore it is wise to research prior to buying exactly what is going to be the best set up for your personal needs. If you have a big budget, it’s relatively easy, you can purchase any high end machine and know you are going to get a great gaming experience. However, if your budget is limited (or you want to get the very best value for money that you can), it is worth thinking about a few things before jumping in.


First you need to decide whether your preference is a desktop PC or a gaming laptop. While there are pros and cons of both, laptops have a great benefit in being easily portable, meaning you can take your game with you wherever you go. However, the flip side of this is that laptops tend to get clattered around a little more, and therefore are more prone to damage, which isn’t great for an expensive purchase. If you have a laptop, you should be more inclined to consider tech insurance.

The biggest element of a gaming PC is the core processor. It is essentially the heart of the machine. Core processors range from dual core to a whopping 16 cores. The more cores the processor, the more powerful the machine is. However, sometimes, you can go overboard unnecessarily. The best thing you can do is ask advice of a professional. Tell them exactly what you plan to play, how often and whether you will be streaming or storing the games on your computer. From there they should be able to help you match your needs to your ideal machine.

Last is the screen resolution. If you’re going for the stunning 4k screen resolution, be aware that you will require a faster processor as 4 x the extra pixels may create a sharper image, but it can certainly also affect the performance of your gaming computer.


Just as important as the hardware, there is also some software that is imperative to a well-maintained long-lasting gaming PC. 

Anti-Virus is a must! Many people attempt to cut corners on this, and in truth, there are some great free programs out there, but it’s wise to get the best you can afford. Don’t be tempted to skip this step either, particularly if you’re using a Windows based PC as these are more vulnerable than Macs to attacks.


Gaming computers can set you back a fair amount. So, with this in mind you should speak to a professional and ensure you are getting the best value machine possible for your budget and needs. It’s also worth looking at reviews of machines prior to purchasing, as this will give you a general consensus of how consumers are finding the computer to actually game with. Finally, remember that the right software is just as important as the right hardware as it can protect your PC and give it a longer life span. 


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