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What is wpc2025 live?

WPC2025.LIVE shall refer to the application installed in the Mobile Device whereby the Client may access and/or use WPC2025.LIVE via the Mobile Device.

How do I connect the wpc2030 controller to my PC?

1) Typically the WPC2030 controller should be setup and connected by your Wenzel installation technician. However, if a new PC is supplied, it is useful to know exactly how to hook up the controller to the PC. 2) The WPC controller requires a minimum of 3 available serial COM ports.

How to use and/or avail wpc2025 live?

In order to use and/or avail of WPC2025.LIVE, Client must register at the WPC2025.LIVE website. Only Clients enrolled/ registered in WPC2025.LIVE Application will be able to gain full access and usage of the same. All bets are assumed final by the customer.

How do I set up RS232 on the Wenzel wpc2030 RS232 controller?

On the next tab, the Wenzel WPC2030 RS232 Settings Tab: a. Select the proper COM port for the WPC Controller. b. This COM port will be the first port available after the motherboard COM ports are accounted for. In this example, the motherboard uses Com1 and COM2, so the HT400 uses COM3.


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