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Who is WPIC?

WPIC is the Westport partnership company specializing in large-scale value construction. WPIC’s work covers a diverse spectrum of governmental, institutional, non-profit, private, residential, and commercial projects. Westport’s partnership with Creekside Commercial Builders is West + Creek.

Why choose WPIC construction?

WPIC Construction has become known for its Vision, Leadership, Integrity, and Dedication to the execution of the highest quality of work in a diverse spectrum of industries. WPIC specialized in the following construction: Government, Private, Residential, Institutional, Non-Profit, and Commercial.

What is the WPIC form for elements of the crime?

Arndt, 87 Wn.2d 374, 553 P.2d 1328 (1976), the elements instruction should follow the form of WPIC 4.22 (Elements of the Crime—Alternative Elements—Separate Offenses—Form).

Who is the head of investor development at WPIC?

Trevor leads research and investor development for WPIC. He joined from Anglo American Platinum where he was the Head of Market Intelligence and Market Relations.


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