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What is the vl6180x?

The VL6180X is a Time of Flight distance sensor like no other you've used! The sensor contains a very tiny invisible laser source, and a matching sensor.

What is the I2C address of the vl6180x?

Pinouts The VL6180X is a I2C sensor. That means it uses the two I2C data/clock wires available on most microcontrollers, and can share those pins with other sensors as long as they don't have an address collision. For future reference, the I2C address is 0x29 and you can't change it!

How does the vl6180 measure distance?

Instead of estimating the distance by measuring the amount of light reflected back from the object (which is significantly influenced by color and surface), the VL6180 precisely measures the time the light takes to travel to the nearest object and reflect back to the sensor (Time-of-Flight).

Www Sl618

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