‘Your life, your limbs, your future are being sacrificed for a senseless war,’ Arnold Schwarzenegger explains to Russian soldiers and people


Arnold Schwarzenegger is known as an actor and politician. The actor’s video about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could boost his visibility as an advocate for world peace.

What Happened: Schwarzenegger filmed a video that appeals to the Russian people, soldiers, government and President Vladimir Putin.

The video has amassed more than 25 million videos since Thursday after being shared on Twitter Inc TWTR, where Schwarzenegger has more than five million followers.

Schwarzenegger said in the video that he was trying to reach “dear Russian friends and Russian soldiers.”

The actor shared a story about how he went to Russia as a 14-year-old and saw how weightlifter Yuri Petrovich Vlasov won a world championship and became the first man to lift 200 kg above his head.

Schwarzenegger met Vlasov and said it inspired him all his life. The actor hung a picture of Vlasov on his wall, which angered his father, who had a bad feeling towards Russia. Schwarzenegger’s father told him to delete the photo and find a German or Austrian hero to hang on the wall.

“I didn’t care what flag Yuri Vlasov was carrying,” Schwarzenegger said.

The actor said he went to Russia for bodybuilding and film shooting, including “Red Heat,” the first American film to be shot in Red Square.

“Since I was fourteen I have had nothing but affection and respect for the Russian people.”

Speaking the truth: Schwarzenegger took the time in the video to shed light on the truths of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and to appeal directly to the people and soldiers of Russia.

“Nobody likes to hear anything critical of the government, but I hope you want to hear me,” Schwarzenegger said.

The actor questions the call that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was made to de-nazify the country.

“The Kremlin rulers started this war. Ukraine did not start the war.”

Schwarzenegger highlighted the United Nations vote in which 141 countries named Russia as the aggressor in the conflict with Ukraine.

“Only four countries in the entire world voted with Russia. The world has turned against Russia for its actions in Ukraine.” Those countries are Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea and Syria.

Schwarzenegger said protesters in Russia have been arrested, jailed and beaten for speaking out. The protesters are seen all over the world.

“You are my new heroes. You have the strength of Yuri Petrovich Vlasov. You have the true heart of Russia.”

Schwarzenegger stressed that there are times when people need to speak up, including when he spoke out on January 6, 2021, the White House uprising.

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Call to Russian soldiers, Putin: Schwarzenegger said Russian soldiers were lied to for being sent to Ukraine.

“They didn’t even know they were going to war.”

Schwarzenegger told Russian soldiers they are dying as they face resistance from Ukrainian soldiers protecting their families and civilians.

“Those who don’t deserve it on either side of the war will suffer.”

The video of the former governor of California shows footage of the war in which he mentions that children’s hospitals and maternity wards are being bombed and that women and children are dying.

“Your life, your limbs, your future are being sacrificed for a senseless war that is condemned by the whole world.”

Schwarzenegger reminded soldiers that more than 11 million Russians have ties to relatives in Ukraine.

“I ask you to help spread the truth.”

To end the video, Schwarzenegger takes a moment to address Putin.

“You started this war. You are leading this war. You can stop this war.”

I like the Russian people. That’s why I have to tell you the truth. Please watch and share. pic.twitter.com/6gyVRhgpFV

– Arnold Schwarzenegger) March 17, 2022

Photo: Screenshot of Arnold Schwarzenegger video from his Twitter

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