5 Ideas To Help You Reduce Your Wedding Catering Costs


It’s nothing new, but paying for a wedding can be an expensive feat. With so many elements coming together to create a vision built specifically for the bride and groom, the costs can quickly mount up with very little effort.

Even with the use of a budgeting tool there can still be an issue of finding ways to cut back on the endless list of growing costs attached to one of the biggest day of a couple’s life. Even a quick search for catering per matrimonio prezzi can highlight where budgets may be limited.

To give you a nudge in the right direction, here’s some ideas on how you can save money on the catering for a wedding.

Do some legwork for best deals

Instead of just heading on to a company’s website, take the time to find the best deals available in the local area. 

Try attending some wedding fayres and events to find out what special offers they are offering to those who book with them. There’s often a reasonable discount available, so if you find a couple of caterers you like online, attend the same shows as them and try and cash in on some special offers.

Be friendly with budgets

Just because you opt for a budget friendly menu doesn’t mean your guests will go hungry. There are many affordable options in the wedding catering business which can entertain guests without the higher price tag.

Such an example would be to have a main meal of pork, chicken or turkey over a much more expensive option like lobster. 

Avoid silver service

Sit down meals at a wedding are highly indulgent and a real treat for guests as well as the bridal party, but they do push the costs up quite considerably.

Instead of spending all the extra cash on hiring out more waiting staff and table linen etc, look in to the option of a buffet service. This option is much more interactive for guests as it allows them to mingle and be more relaxed, it also pushes the cost down.

However, much like with a sit down meal, the costs of a buffet can increase depending on the foods you choose.

Go casual

While guests are waiting for dinner service to start, many hosts like to occupy guests with some aperitifs. These on their own can be pricey as they are intricate and take time. Going more casual with a selection of platters and dips will not only keep guests happy while they wait, but also keep costs to a minimum for this portion of the event.

Name the day

As well as the food making costs go up and down, the day of the week also makes a difference. For instance if you are to have your wedding during the weekend this will push all costs up and not just on the catering. 

Choosing a weekday will see costs reduce by quite an extent. 



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