5 Top High Yield Marijuana Strains

If you like cultivating marijuana, it is always good to know some of the high yield strains to plant in your garden.  One of the things you should keep in mind is that there are different factors that determine the yield that you get. Some of these factors include climate, genetics, grow mediums, nutrients and many others.  The major top factors include the environment and plant genetics.  The environmental factors ensure that they can grow well from the time you plant until you harvest.  Here are the top 5 high yield marijuana strains you can plant in your garden. 
  1. White widow 
This is a popular Amsterdam hybrid created by crossing different landrace marijuana strains from Brazil and Southern India.   It is now famous globally because of its many benefits to the body.  It is well known for its high level production of resin and the strong euphoria it offers. As the users enjoy its many positive effects, as a farmer you will celebrate its high yield.  Besides its high yield, it is also resistant to pests and mold.  White widow flowers in eight to nine weeks. It gives higher yields in indoor gardens. 
  1. Cheese quake 
Cheese quake is a high yield marijuana strain that is made by combining genetics from querkle and cheese.  It brings a balance between its physical and cerebral effects. The strain offers the body the desired relief.  Mostly, it grows well indoors and grows into a bushy shape. One of the advantages is that it grows big within a very short time compared to other strains. 
  1. Purple trainwreck
This is a California classic, popular because of is ease in growing and high yield. It is created by crossing Mendocino purps and trainwreck.  It provides uplifting high and euphoric effects, making it a perfect choice for those entry level users.  Purple trainwreck does well either outdoors or indoors, with a flowering period of about two months.  This makes it perfect to grow in light deprivation greenhouses. 
  1. Critical Kush 
Critical Kush was made by crossing OG Kush and critical mass. Critical mass strain is famous for its pleasant citrus flavor. On the other hand, OG Kush is known for its potency and earthy flavors. The strain requires to be grown in an area where it is easy to regulate humidity. This is why it is advisable to grow it in a greenhouse or indoors.  It also requires heavy feeding to make sure that the buds grow healthy, heavy and dense.   
  1. Blue dream 
Blue dream is the most famous high yield marijuana strains in the United States. It is popular because of its pleasant flavor, heavy yielding, mildew resistant and its high calming effects. It has a mellow euphoria and overwhelming presence, it is popular among the novice users.  It is usually bred for outdoor farming and reaches it top potential under the sun. It performs well in Mediterranean climate and grows vertically.  It grows tall and lanky, but has dense buds, which makes it to have unique yields.   


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