Benefits of sliding wardrobe doors


There are a number of benefits of choosing sliding wardrobe doors, rather than hinged doors.

Space Saving: Sliding wardrobe doors can help you save space in your bedroom by eliminating the need for a swing clearance. This is particularly useful in smaller rooms, or if you want to use the space from the swing area for other purposes, like placing a desk or table nearby.

Easy Access: With sliding wardrobe doors, you have easy access to everything in your closet simply by opening the door and pushing it to one side. This makes it easier for you to reach clothes that hang further back in the closet, without having to pull everything out first.

Quiet Operation: Sliding doors operate quietly, unlike hinged doors which can make a noise when opened or closed. If you are concerned about disturbing others in the household when getting dressed, then sliding wardrobe doors are an ideal choice.

Great Aesthetics: With so many beautiful styles available, sliding wardrobe doors add visual appeal to your room. They come with mirrors and frosted glass options as well as coloured glass and wood finishes that will complement any decorating style and make your room appear more modern and sophisticated. For more information contact,

The modern sliding wardrobe door originated in the 1930’s and has become the de facto standard for wardrobes around the world. The benefits of sliding wardrobe doors are numerous, with installers and homeowners alike choosing these doors over their hinged counterparts for a variety of reasons.


One of the most important benefits of sliding wardrobe doors is that they take up less space than hinged doors. This makes them particularly useful in smaller rooms or homes where space is at a premium. Whereas most hinged doors need to swing open from a corner, sliding doors can be pushed aside almost anywhere in the room. This means that you’re free to decorate your home as you please without worrying about walls or furniture getting in your way.


In addition to the wide choice of colours and materials available, there are also different types of tracks that can be used with sliding wardrobe doors including:

Top-hung – The top-hung track system not only allows horizontal movement but also vertical movement, allowing you to raise the door off its tracks completely if needed.

Hanging on one wall – A popular system, this works by hanging the door on one wall rather than in a frame; ideal for those who want a simple solution without compromising.


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