Choosing Full Body Shapewear


Full body shapewear can help you get that smooth, slim silhouette under your dress or pantsuit. There are many different styles of full body shapers to choose from to suit your needs and the dress or outfit that you want to wear.

What is Full Body Shapewear?

Full body shapewear, also called body slimmers, all in one shapers and body shapers, are essentially a one piece garment that goes from underneath your breasts down to your thighs. The purpose of these garments is to smooth out your figure and give you an overall slimming effect, particularly for women who have trouble spots such as their tummy, hips or thighs. Some styles even have built-in bras and panties so that you don’t have to worry about wearing additional undergarments.

While you might be tempted to think that a full body shaper is the best choice for you, it’s not always the right pick. Before you start shopping, ask yourself these questions:

Do I have time to put it on each day? Putting on a full body shaper can take 30 minutes or more. It’s a hassle that some women just cannot fit into their daily routine. If you’re not willing to devote this kind of time to your appearance, don’t even bother considering a full body shaper.

Can I get it off by myself? Some full body shapers are so tight and constricting that even the wearer can’t remove them without help. If you’re single, this could be a problem for you; if you have someone who will help you out when needed, there’s no need to worry about this issue.

Can I go to the bathroom in it? Believe it or not, some women opt against using full body shapers because they won’t work with their bathroom habits. If you have a weak bladder or need to use the restroom frequently, you’ll have trouble using this type of undergarment.

What You Can Expect from Full Body Shapewear

Shapewear does not work miracles; it cannot make you thinner or change your shape. It can, however, streamline your figure and make you feel more comfortable in clothes by gently smoothing out any bumps or bulges on the body. The right shapewear can also improve posture and reduce fatigue caused by supporting heavy breasts all day long.

The best way to determine whether a specific piece will be helpful for you is to look at the design and style of each garment closely before buying it. If a piece is designed to control your midsection and hips only, then it may not offer as much support for heavy breasts as something that comes up higher on the torso.

Shapewear comes in different levels of compression depending on what your needs are. If you want to compress an area just a little bit, you can get light compression garments. For more control, and if you want to take off a few inches from an area, moderate compression is good for you. In cases where you need more help or want a dramatic transformation, high compression garments are the way to go. Just be sure to choose a garment that is the right size and fit for you so that you are comfortable when wearing it.

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