From Internet to Home Security: The Evolution of Xfinity


The world of the internet is a vast place that has formed a world within itself. What began as a small network of computers communicating with each other has now turned into a much more extensive web. Over which millions of devices exchange information with each other, courtesy of the high-speed internet that we have come to know and love. 

Although there are many internet providers hanging around in the neighborhood, desperate to be noticed, some already walk the halls of fame. Among some of these names is the much-talked-about Xfinity by Comcast. Xfinity is a Comcast subsidiary dealing mainly with Internet, TV, Phone, and Home security services. While the internet is one of the very first services the giant offered, Xfinity Home security is a much more recent addition to the group. All the services are top quality and some of the best that you will find in the price range that they offer. 

In this article, we shortly discuss all of the services that Xfinity has to offer and what perks you get with each service. If you are planning to get Xfinity services, this is just the thing for you!

  1. Xfinity Internet 

Xfinity Internet is one of the best, a classic when it comes to Comcast services. Xfinity Internet is available to around 111 million people in 35 states This is a coverage map that few providers in the market can top. Of course, there are a few reasons why Xfinity is such a crowd favorite when it comes to internet services. 

What Do You Get with Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity internet gets you a bunch of services and incentives that are definitely worth every penny. Some of the things that you can enjoy with just an Xfinity internet plan are;

  • A variety of flexible pricing and speed plans that are suited to most budgets
  • A completely free Flex box for 4K streaming
  • A Peacock Premium account at no cost to enjoy on-demand titles
  • Ultra-high data caps to do everything you love
  • Term agreements that are transparent and you can opt-out of 
  • High-speed internet even for the lowest speed tiers
  • Thousands of safe out-of-home hotspots that you can access the internet on 
  • An option of free self-install if you are feeling adventurous
  • Affordable connectivity for all with Xfinity low budget program
  • Special discounts for military veterans, their families as well as college students

Xfinity internet and the xFi experience via the Xfinity Gateway devices will definitely draw you in. The network runs smoothly and the internet services with Xfinity just keep getting better!

  1. Xfinity TV

Xfinity TV is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. Whether you like movies, sports, drama, or on-demand titles, Xfinity TV has got you covered. The pricing plans for Xfinity TV are quite market competitive and you get good value for your money.

What Do You Get with Xfinity TV?

Xfinity TV offers a remarkable collection of content that you can enjoy at home and on the go. Some of the benefits that you get with Xfinity TV include;

  • A choice between multiple plans depending upon your channel needs
  • Get all of the favorite American channels and then some
  • The Advanced X1 TV box condenses all your entertainment options into one place
  • An X1 DVR with 150 hours of storage lets you record programs at any time
  • Parental controls to make your life easy with small kids
  • A kids zone that only shows age-appropriate content and is safe 
  • A sports zone for the enthusiasts with multiple games streaming live
  • Add on any premium or international channels you want at a small charge
  • Stream on the go with the Xfinity TV app as long as you have a TV plan
  • Peacock Premium and Xfinity Flex come included in the plan!

Xfinity TV ensures that no matter what you are in the mood for, they can present to you. Bid farewell to sad Friday nights with nothing to watch for Xfinity will bring you a full catalog of live and on-demand content that you can choose from. Live the ultimate dream with the integrated streaming the X1 experience has to offer you!

  1. Xfinity Home Phone 

What better way to stay connected to your loved ones than a phone? Social media has made the social connection so much easier but let us face it. There is a classic kick to doing things through the phone. Xfinity has a home phone service that gets you a little bit of that vintage feel but in the best way possible. Some of the things that you can enjoy with the Xfinity Home phone service include; 

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) delivers the highest quality for your calls
  • Calling plans that serve your need both local and international
  • Enhanced 911 which sends your location and number to the station when you call
  • 8 hours worth of battery service in case of outages
  • Call blocking service is available
  • Call return, call forwarding, call screening, rejection, and call-waiting services exist
  • Access your home phone voicemail from anywhere in the world via the internet

Most phone plans with Xfinity get you unlimited local calls so you never have to worry about going over your budget every month. Xfinity Phone is a great way to stay connected and close to those who you love – every hour of the day.

  1. Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity home security is one of the best security systems in the US as of now. It promises to deliver safety and quality all wrapped in one to your doorstep. Not only can you protect your house with Xfinity Home security, but you can also automate it using the best smart products in the market. 

What Do You Get with Xfinity Home Security?

Xfinity may not have been the prodigies of Home security, but it sure hits the spot. Some of the top things that you can get with Home Security of Xfinity are listed below.

  • You can get self-monitoring starting at very low prices and take care of your house
  • You may also get 24/7 professional monitoring for your mental peace
  • Advanced technology home security equipment is sensitive and very responsive
  • Access your system from anywhere in the world over the internet 
  • First responder teams always ready to dispatch to your address within minutes
  • Check into your cameras, live feed, and recorded feed through the Home App
  • Control your house through voice commands with the Xfinity Voice remote
  • Pair your Xfinity home security with more devices to get full coverage 

Xfinity home security continues to be one of the best in the market, through its dedication to excellence. They take care of you and your loved ones when no one else can and are worth the investment. 


Xfinity is a plethora of services dedicated to making your life easy. All their services come with value and with millions of users throughout the nation, quality is guaranteed. One of the best things that you can do with Xfinity is bundling two or more of their services together to get greater value. Not only does this end up saving you a few extra bucks but with so many little things thrown in for free, it is definitely a steal.


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