How Effective Are Solvent Trap Adapters?


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After every use of your firearm, it is essential to clean it. This will prevent buildup in the barrel, prevent corrosion, and delay or insufficient discharge. It will also keep your firearm safe, as leaving your firearm unclean may lead to accidental discharge. Regular cleaning of firearms also helps to prolong the service life of the firearm.  So what are the major things you need to clean your firearm?

What Do You Need to Clean Your Firearm?

To clean your firearm, you will need cleaning solvent and brush. But you wouldn’t want the solvent to mess up your room floor, so investing in a solvent trap will make the process complete. Firearm solvent traps are cylindrical tubes that can be attached to your firearm so that the solvent can drain into them during cleaning. This will keep the environment clean and protect you from the hazardous nature of the solvents. Also, you can reuse firearm cleaning solvents. Hence trapping them in a cup will save you the cost of buying another one. For the cleaning process to be effective, the solvent trap must fit perfectly into the firearm. This will be easy if both have the same thread sizes, but you don’t have to worry if their thread sizes are different. All you need is a solvent trap adapter.

How Does a Solvent Trap Adapter Work?

Every firearm barrel has threads, so are the solvent traps. But if your solvent trap thread size is different from your firearm thread size, then you can connect the two with a solvent trap adapter. A solvent trap adapter has two thread sizes. One end will be of the size of your solvent trap, and the other end will be of your firearm. With that, it can serve as a link between the two objects.

How Effective Are Solvent Trap Adapters?

Solvent trap adapters are small cylindrical objects. As long as you are using the right size, it will perfectly connect a solvent trap and a firearm. With it, the solvent will flow smoothly from the firearm to the solvent trap, where it will drain in the kit’s cup. Therefore, they are very effective in bridging the differences between the thread size of a firearm barrel and a solvent trap. Notwithstanding, this small piece of equipment has different grades. They can be made with different materials, and the treading can also be done in different ways. Therefore, the quality, effectiveness, and durability will vary. The quality of what you will get will depend on the manufacturer. That is why it is essential to buy from a reputable supplier.

Solvent Trap Adapter from Armory Den

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