Why Every Emergency Kit Should Have an Ulu Pocket Knife


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Perhaps you thought an Ulu knife is a reserve for the kitchen—mainly used for culinary purposes. Well, mainly use this tool to chop, cut, and carve meat, fish, or bones in the kitchen. But, an Ulu pocket knife could be a great component of your emergency kit. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you know the importance of an emergency kit. An Ulu pocket knife comes in handy for both general and self-defense purposes. This compact knife is simple yet functional and extremely versatile. So, why would it grace any emergency kit?

Its safe and easy to carry

The Ulu pocket knife is compact and easily fits in your emergency kit without taking much space. The knife is made of high-quality materials and can help with various applications from opening an envelope to self-defense.

Its high-strength

The pocket is durable and features a high-strength quality that is ideal for outdoor applications. Especially if you’re going camping, this knife could be one of the most essential tools to pack in your emergency kit. From setting up your tent to preparing your food, the knife comes in handy.

Its an essential first aid tool

An unexpected injury can happen at any time anywhere. Whether you’re indoor or outside, you can use the pocket knife to cut a piece of bandage or a tourniquet. Additionally, getting lost in the forest is a common occurrence. In that situation, you can use your Ulu pocket knife to mark directions on trees or other hard surfaces to ensure easy tracking.

Its a suitable fruit peeler

This is important, especially if you’re outdoors where a proper meal could only be a luxury. You might have to do with on-the-go solutions like fruits to get quick easy nutrition. This is where the Ulu pocket knife comes in handy. This pocketknife can help you cut and peel fruits effortlessly.  

What to Look for in Ulu Pocket Knife

When you’re shopping for an Ulu pocket knife, here are the factors you need to consider: Purpose: An Ulu knife can serve various purposes. Some people use it to cut food while others use it for self-defense. However, a pocket knife is more useful outdoors, especially when you go out camping, hunting, or fishing. For whatever purpose you want to use the knife, you should find a knife that’s best suited for the purpose. Blade size: Even before considering other factors, you need to look at the size of the blade because it determines how versatile your knife will be. For instance, if you’re going to use the knife for multiple functions, you should look for a knife with a stronger but lighter blade.  

Final Thoughts

Overall maintenance and comfort also play a big role when choosing an Ulu Pocket knife. Regardless of the application, your preferred knife should be easy to maintain. A great Ulu knife should just require soap and water to clean it after every use to avoid contamination. Additionally, you may need to apply some oil on the blade to keep moisture away when you’re not using it. This also ensures the blade lasts longer without resting. At B. Merry Studio, we offer all types of Ulu knives. If you’re looking for a great Ulu pocket knife, contact us today.


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