11 Emojis That Perfectly Describe The USA


America! The greatest country in the world, America! We may know many things about the most popular country globally, but do we know the emojis that best describe it? Yes, some emojis perfectly represent the States. If you feel patriotic, you can type these emojis and show your love for your country in your way.

United States Flag Emoji

How can you represent the States better than with its flag? The American flag emoji comes in with thirteen red and white stripes that are horizontal. You can also see the 50 white stars that are sitting in a blue rectangle. 

The United States flag is the perfect emoji to show love to the greatest country in the world. Don’t be afraid to post something patriotic, followed by thisAmerican flag emoji! 

American Football Emoji

The emoji of American football is one of the emojis that best describes American culture. Why? Because a lot of people consider football as the country’s sport of choice. Yes, Basketball may be a popular sport in the States, but none can top the hype of a football game. 

When it is game day, the ritual would be a few beers, a little barbeque and food, and a gathering of the closest buddies that we all have. You can now show your team spirit by talking about a touchdown followed by the American football emoji.

Statue Of Liberty Emoji

Another famous attraction of the American culture is the Statue of Liberty in New York. You can also talk about it or use it to represent your love for the States using this emoji. It is the perfect emoji to use whenever you arrive at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York. Nothing feels like posting about landing in New York and the excitement that ensues after.

Gun Emoji + Any Animal Emoji

One thing about American culture is that hunting is an enjoyable pastime and hobby among Americans. A lot of Americans go on hunting trips and have the best time of their lives. If you ever went on a hunting trip, you would feel like it is just you, your gun, and the wilderness. Tweet a gun emoji followed by an emoji of the animal you hunted, and all of your followers will immediately know what you are up to.

Horseback Riding Emoji

This emoji is particularly famous along with Kentucky. Kentucky hosts its annual Kentucky Derby, which all horseback riding enthusiasts attend. It is a real American gathering filled with unfiltered American fun. A lot of bets, gambling, and winning will take place during this celebrated American event.

Volcano Emoji, Surfing Emoji, And Pina Colada Emoji

These three emojis perfectly describe the state of Hawaii. Hawaii has been one of the top destinations for a vacation for Americans and other tourists alike. It is a state filled with volcanoes, perfect waves for surfing, and a relaxing Pina Colada by the beach! If you are going on your next Hawaii trip, these are the emoji combinations you must use!

Wine Emoji

Americans sure love their wine! They even have a state that produces millions of tons of liters of wine each year! Some Americans refer to wine as Vino, and who doesn’t love a good glass of Vino? Without a doubt, the wine emoji indeed defines American culture in a classy way.

Any Beer Emoji

The Beer emoji comes in two variations. There is a beer emoji that is an emoji of a solo Beer mug, and there’s one that looks like it’s clinking with another beer mug. Both of these emojis are a great way to describe American culture. Americans sure love their beer as they pair it with anything! Beer and gatherings, Beer and football, and Beer and their favorite TV shows!

Crocodile Emoji and Saxophone Emoji

The combination of these emojis perfectly describes New Orleans. The “Bayou” is a place with many Crocodiles and Alligators, thus the Crocodile emoji reference. But, the “Bayou” is also rich in culture as the top Jazz performers usually call this place home. Good food and good music, that’s the City of New Orleans.

Basketball Emoji

Basketball is also a loved sport in the USA. Although Basketball is common in other countries, we like to think that Basketball’s highest level happens on American soil. The NBA is a worldwide phenomenon, and America has been dominating the basketball scene in the States and internationally.

Racing Flag + Car Emoji

Racing is a popular sport in Indiana. Millions of American fans anticipate this event. So, the next time you go to the Speedway, tweet using both of these emojis. There is nothing more American than the sound of speeding cars and burning rubber on the race track!


These are the emojis that should describe America and its greatness. Many things make America great, and you can refer to them using these emojis. The next time you get caught or find yourself in a conversation about America, you can use these emojis to assert your patriotic love for your country. 


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