Get Your Crush: 11 Cute Emojis To Express Your Warm And Genuine Feelings


Various types of emojis are available on our keyboard, intended for multiple purposes. From facial expressions, food and drinks, objects to symbols, these emojis make our messages creative and expressive. In just a single emoji, your intended receivers will automatically know the intentions you are trying to convey. 

These emojis were launched in different years and crazed by the public due to its appealing and cute characteristics. They are available in various colors and icons on other platforms, which makes them look more adorable. Check out these cutest emojis that can be found on your keyboard and send them to your crush. For sure, the possibility of getting his attention will increase. 

Cake Emoji

A cake emoji is a perfect introductory message to send your regards to the celebrant. Wish him a happy birthday by sending plenty of these emojis and make his heart melt. If your crush is the birthday celebrant, that will be your biggest advantage to get his attention. Greet him a long, heartwarming birthday message, and include some birthday cake emojis. You may be the reason for his fabulous, overwhelming day. 

Cupcake Emoji

Introduced in 2018, most keyboard users have considered a cupcake emoji as one of the most common, yet cutest emoji available on various devices. The emoji shows a piece of a cute cupcake with a pink icing at the top, making it look attractive and delicious. Send it to the boy you like, and who knows that maybe he will ask you out. Let the emoji be the red string for the both of you. 

Ice Cream 

Since Selena Gomez and Blackpink’s Ice Cream song recently crazed the public, this is the best time to include the Ice Cream on our list of the cutest emojis. The emoji was also introduced in 2010, and features appealing aesthetics; usually colored pink with a cherry on its top. You can send some of these emojis to your friends or significant others to ask them for a dessert. 

Candy Emoji

A candy emoji has unique characteristics across different platforms. This is an excellent way of telling you you want to receive some sweet messages from your partner. It may also signify the luscious relationship between two lovers and want to say to your friends what you have just witnessed. Candy can be a signal hint for spilling some sweet tea.

Heart With Ribbon Emoji

This emoji perfectly portrays a red heart tied in a ribbon. It’s usually used for sending a virtual love or gratitude to someone special. It is a way of telling how much you are honored and thankful for knowing the person in your entire life. They are the gifts you have received. 

Blue Heart Emoji

This is the equivalent of the red heart emoji. The color makes the emoji look cute. You can express your warm and genuine love to someone by employing the emoji on your sweet long messages. Users usually include this for birthday friendly greeting posts about the birthday celebrant. It can also be used to undoubtedly show your undying love and friendship. 

Kissing Cat Emoji

Everyone wants to see and pet cute cats because of their sweet and clingy attitudes. If you’re going to show these sides of yours to your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, send them some of these emojis, and for sure, you will be the reason for their smiling blushy faces. A kissing cat emoji shows that you demand some attention. 

Penguin Emoji

Without a doubt, a penguin emoji is one of the cutest emojis on your keyboard. This portrays a real-life penguin with its cute characteristics. The small hand and its circular body figure will surely wish you can pinch it on cheeks. 

Snowman Emoji

The snowman emoji was launched in 1993. Like a snowman you often saw in reality during winter, a snowman emoji perfectly portrays a full-white snowman. It has no other color variations across all platforms. 

Rabbit Emoji

You cannot doubt why a rabbit emoji made it to the list. With its usual white-colored skin, big ears, and a large face, you will surely include this emoji to flex your favorite pet online. Post a photo of your pet on Instagram and have one or two of this emoji, and for sure, you can get more likes and boosts social media engagement. 

Honeybee Emoji

Honey Bee emojis’s other name variation is ‘beetle’ and was launched in 2010. Its obvious body with yellow stripes, big eyes, and usual circular head shape make the emoji look cuter, especially when included on Facebook posts and tweets. 

Final Thoughts

The emojis mentioned are just some cute-looking emojis on your keyboard. You can still discover more of them by taking a closer look. Creatively used these emojis to lighten up the entire conversation. You may ask for your lover’s attention, or want to get some sweet food. Whatever it is, adding emojis will always work.


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