5 Emojis To Explore In Every Online Conversation


The birth of the internet has given us a lot of positive things, and one of them is a more comfortable, faster, and more convenient way of communicating. This innovation allows everyone to keep in touch through instant messaging, live conversations, visual discussions, emails, and many more.

Online communication will never be complete without these cute little digital images called “emojis.” They are mostly being used to add life and excitement between conversations. With that, here are a few of the emojis you may want to try and explore to bring more fun in your chat.

Peace Sign Emoji

The victory hand or mostly known as the peace sign emoji shows two fingers making a V sign. Some people use it to show goodbye and goodwill. In British culture, the opposite of this symbol is believed to be an offensive gesture. It is almost the same as giving a middle finger.

The V sign originates during the resistance to the Nazis in WWII. It was suggested by Victor de Laveleye, a Belgian broadcaster. The victory sign became the representation of victory and unity for the Allied forces since the word freedom in Dutch “Vrijheid” and victory in French “Victoire” both begins with the letter V.

Person Shrugging Emoji

Annoyance, passive-aggression, ignorance, self-acceptance, and indifference can be expressed using the person shrugging emoji. Individuals who got pretty annoyed with the person they are exchanging messages with also use this emoji as equivalent to the word “whatever.” Therefore, don’t be surprised to see this in a conversation from two people arguing.

The person shrugging emoji can also be used in circumstances when the person isn’t thinking much of the consequences of his or her actions. When a person is also ignorant or unpleasant, it could be the best emoji to point it out. In situations where you are quite annoyed, you can try this emoji to express it better.

Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji

The emoji that shows a smiley blowing a kiss with a flirty face and a winking eye has a romantic meaning. Occasionally, it is used as a friendly way to show sympathy, but it is best to declare love. Some even use this to bid their goodbye the flirty and fun way. This emoji was approved to be part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

Since it has been launched as a part of Unicode 6.0, the face throwing a kiss has been one of the emojis that are mostly being used along with the heart eyes emoji, red heart, and a lot more. Some people also call this as the kiss emoji, kiss wink face, blowing a kiss, kissing face, or face blowing a kiss. 

Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes Emoji

Officially called the Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes but casually referred to as Heart-Eyes, passionately conveys infatuation and love as if saying “I’m crazy about you” or I am in love with you.” Although some would say, its tone can be platonic or romantic, depending on the context of your message.

Every single meaning of the smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emoji is warm and positive. This emoji is mostly associated with supreme positivity towards a particular subject, love, and adoration. It was introduced by the Unicode Consortium in 2010 and has been used to respond in extremely happy circumstances.

Red Heart Emoji

The classic love heart that is used to express love. This emoji is displayed in different shades of red, depending on the platform. The red heart emoji is commonly used in kind, emotional situations. You can also use this to show flirtatiousness, hope, gratitude, happiness, and love. 

In another perception, the red heart emoji can be used to indicate thanks or gratitude. It can also be a tool for flirting and even being overjoyed in a specific instance. There are also times when this emoji can be seen to emphasize something a person is happy about, achievement, or even relationship status.

Although it is the most traditional way to show love, some people believe it is only impressive the very first time you send or receive it. It could be a statement for new partners, but you need to step it up if you’ve been dating for a few years. It is best to send when a person is in loss or grief to show support.


The advent of these emojis has brought an exciting, even more, expressive and fun way of communicating to family, friends, colleagues, and people across the world. These emojis serve as an alternate language during times we can’t find the right words to use. Today, there is a lot of emojis available that can be used in different circumstances, all you need to do is explore and see what’s the most fitting. 


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