6 Emojis Of Hand Gestures And What They Mean


We use hand gestures to signal something and communicate with other people. For emojis, the same act of communicating happens, and it occurs on a digital scale. Now, we have emojis of hand gestures so you can say peace, stop, and OK whenever you want it. You could save more time by sending these emojis as a standalone reply.

These emojis of hand gestures are transparent enough for everyone to understand. Most of us may already know the meaning of these hand gestures, let alone these emojis. Well, maybe you cannot always use these hand gesture emojis as a standalone reply. Throw some words there, so you do not come off as rude. Here are some of our favorite emojis of hand gestures.

Raised Hand Emoji

The hand gesture that this hand emoji portrays is the universal hand sign for stop. It shows a human hand with its palm exposed along with extended fingers. This hand emoji can also pass as the high-five emoji if you use it in that context. Make sure to make the context of your reply and your message clear whenever you use this hand emoji.

This hand emoji of the stop or high five sign comes in a default emoji skin tone, which is yellow. It also has different skin tones so that it will feel a bit more personal. 

You may confuse this emoji with the “hand with fingers splayed” emoji. Take note that the difference comes in each finger’s distance from each other as the “raised hand emoji” tends to be a bit closer.

OK Emoji

The OK emoji is the emoji for the hand gesture, OK. This emoji comes in like a hand in which the index finger and thumb are close together. Besides “OK,” it can also mean that something works for you, you agree with something and sure thing. This hand emoji also has different skin tones and comes in a default skin tone of yellow.

You can also use the “OK” emoji in a negative light. You may find yourself, and your patience tested sometimes. You can point out how little patience you have left with this hand emoji. Considering that the distance between the index finger and the thumb is minuscule, I’d say that there is not much patience left. 

Praying Hands 

The “Praying Hands” emoji is one emoji that does not seem to be what it looks like. If you glance at this hand emoji, you automatically interpret it as both hands in a praying position. However, some people say that this hand emoji is an emoji of two hands high-fiving each other. You can use this hand emoji as an emoji for a high-five if you prefer that one.

If you send this to a religious person, they automatically think that you mean “prayer.” So, it would help if you were extra transparent and clear when using this hand emoji. You do not want the confusion of sending out a high-five and the other end interpreting as praying or wishing for something.

The “Praying Hands” emoji or the “High Five” emoji also works when you wish something to come true. Everybody must have that one situation in which we texted our parents to ask for something and used this hand emoji at the end of the message.

Peace Sign

The Peace Sign emoji also goes by another name, which is the Victory Sign emoji. The peace sign should be pretty understandable as it is the universal hand sign for peace. It can also be victory, but both meanings go hand in hand. You can use this hand emoji to spread peace, triumph, and overall positivity.

You can also use this emoji to get away with saying something offensive. You can be frank about a person’s negative traits in your chat and send this hand sign emoji together with your message. With this, you automatically make it clear that you do not mean any harm or you don’t want any trouble with that person. 

Flexed Bicep

The “Flexed Bicep” emoji literally looks like a flexing bicep. So, it will not be difficult to distinguish or find in your emoji keyboard. This “Flexed Bicep” emoji is a staple among people from the gym or people who love to workout. Nothing says team fitness better than this emoji!

The “Flexed Bicep” emoji can also find its way in different contexts. It is the perfect emoji to strength, not just the physical, but also emotional and even economical. It is the ideal emoji to go with any social media posts meant for flexing. Flex anything that you want, from materials to relationships to cars, and use this emoji as your caption.

Thumbs Up

The “Thumbs Up” emoji is the perfect hand emoji when you do not want to type in a very long reply. You can easily use this hand sign as your alternative to “OK,” “Yes,” “Understood,” and other expressions. You can make your message clear and transparent with the use of a single hand sign emoji! 

If you are on Facebook or Messenger, the thumbs-up means “like.” It is also on the Messenger keyboard. This hand sign emoji would typically be useful on platforms that do not have the thumbs up readily accessible.


Some hand sign emojis can serve as your reply, and the message will still be clear. However, some have different meanings and may be confusing whenever we use them without any text or message. It all comes down to the context in which you use these emojis. After all, the graphic and design of these emojis are pretty straightforward, and it is hard to misinterpret them.


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