Home Travel Comprehensive Travel Guide for japan Kyoto tours

Comprehensive Travel Guide for japan Kyoto tours

Comprehensive Travel Guide for japan Kyoto tours

Kyoto is the second most visited city in Japan. It has been the country’s capital from 794 and continued to be the residence of the Emperor until 1868. 1.5 million people reside in Kyoto, which is one of the largest cities in Japan. Beginning from central Kyoto, the Nijo Castle should be on top of the japan Kyoto toursThe Edo Period’s first shogun started to build the castle, and the grandson lemitsu finally completed the construction and added a five-story castle keep. Next on the line is Sento Imperial Palace that dates back to 1630. You can join the free tour that the Imperial Household Agency offers.

Shopping and fun

No trio is complete without visiting the shopping sites. The Nishiki market is a narrow shopping street. The five-block long street is the address of more than a hundred restaurants and shops. The lively retail market here is popular as Kyoto’s Kitchen. You can find the best articles related to cooking and food like seafood, cookware, knives, fresh produce, and other essentials for cooking. You can also find seasonal foods and the famous Kyoto specialties like Japanese pickles, sweets, sushi, and dry seafood. 

Kiyomizudera Temple

If you plan to visit a typical and popular temple in Japan, then Kiyomizudera of eastern Kyoto is ideal. The temple has its origin in 780 at the Otowa Waterfall in the woody hills. The name itself derives from the pure water of the waterfall. The entire temple’s architecture is amazing, with the entire structure resting on a wooden stage that is jutting out from the main hall. The temple is 13 meters above the adjacent hills. To enjoy most japan Kyoto toursyou should look at eh cherry blossoms and maple trees from the stage that looks like a sea of colors.  


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