What to Know Before Buying Cubic Zirconia Jewellery – Does Cubic Zirconia Tarnish?


Cubic zirconia comes from a mineral called zirconium oxide and has been used to manufacture jewellery since the 1980s. Nowadays, cubic zirconia is the most popularly used material to create imitation diamonds. These “fake” diamonds look just as authentic diamonds but cost significantly less. However, cubic zirconia is much softer than diamonds which makes it prone to scratches. That’s why cleaning cubic zirconia stones on a regular basis is very important. There are other steps that people who own cubic zirconia jewellery can take to prevent scratches or tarnishing.

Avoiding Tarnishing

The question that every jewellery enthusiast asks before buying cubic zirconia jewellery is, “does cubic zirconia tarnish?” The answer is yes, but not always. If owners follow some basic care and cleaning rules, they can avoid tarnishing for many years. For instance, cubic zirconia stones can get tarnished when exposed to water. After all, repeated exposure to water can ruin even the strongest materials like gold or silver. That’s why swimming, washing hands, showering, or even sweating while wearing cubic zirconia jewellery are all bad ideas. To avoid easy tarnishing, users should take off their cubic zirconia rings or earrings while playing sports, working outdoors, or while coming in contact with water.  

Making Your Cubic Zirconia Jewellery Last Longer

Answers to the query “How long does cubic zirconia last?” depend on various factors. Users who don’t wear their cubic zirconia jewellery when engaging in contact sports or while applying inorganic skin care products to their faces (lotions, face washes, etc.), get long-lasting results. On the other hand, athletes, health professionals, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, or gardeners who wear their cubic zirconia jewellery while working get worse results. To make sure your cubic zirconia jewellery lasts longer, you must avoid wearing them in high-intensity environments. Dirt, small rocks, chemicals from makeup products, and sweat drops are all abrasive to cubic zirconia jewellery. If these blemishes are not cleaned right away, cubic zirconia jewellery gets permanently damaged.


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