How different can these similar games Snooker, Billiard, and Pool be?


Billiards, pool, and snooker seem to be very related, but they differ in relation to the number of balls, pockets, table dimensions, cue stick size, and a range of other factors. Some people misunderstand the terms billiards and pool. Moreover, this isn’t completely inaccurate. The pool is a form of billiards. Have we yet puzzled you? On the GetMega gaming app, all your problems will be resolved.

‘Billiards’ was formerly a term used to describe a specific game named ‘carom billiards,’ but now it has progressed into a general term describing a range of games played on a table with balls and a cue stick. While carom billiards and pool are frequently played with similar components, each game is unique and thus has its own set of rules. Similarly, the difference between snooker and billiard is that snooker is a sport played with similar features but with its own system of rules. Here’s a brief overview of the distinctions between billiards, pool, and snooker.

Differences in Balls

The number of balls in use is one big variation. Snooker is played with twenty-two balls, one of which is a white ball identified as the striker ball. There are fifteen red balls along with one of yellow, brown, blue, pink, black, and green. So every ball measures 2 1/16 inches in diameter. The difference between snooker and Billiards, is that it  utilises only three balls:  white,  yellow, and red, with both the white and the yellow serving as striker balls. 

The diameter of the balls is 2 7/16 inches. The number of balls in the pool largely depends on the variant, but a full complement of balls comprised of sixteen balls, about 2 1/4 inches in diameter: eight balls of solid colour marked one to eight, seven balls with a colour line in the middle assigned nine to fifteen, and a solid white ‘cue’ ball.

Differences in Tables

The majority of carom billiards and pool games are expected to play on a seven-foot (also identified as a bar table), eight-foot (also recognised as a home or leisure table), or nine-foot table (widely known as a professional tournament table). Pool tables have pockets, while other carom billiard tables do not. Pocketed tables can be used for snooker. American tables are customarily ten feet long, while English snooker tables have always been twelve feet long.

Distinctions in Rules

furthermore,  every game has a detailed set of regulations, as well as a multitude of different variants. The goal of a carom billiards is to score points, known as ‘counts,’ by moving one’s ball, known as a cue ball, off of those two balls on the table.

The game in snooker is divided into frames. A frame is won by the team that scores the most points by pocketing the red and coloured balls with the cue ball. The red balls are worth one point apiece, while the yellow balls are valued up to two points, the green balls are three points, the brown balls are valuable four points, the blue balls are given five points, the pink balls are worth six points, and the black balls have the highest worth of seven points. On an assigned turn, guidelines cover which ball could be pocketed. The “on” balls are the balls that can be pocketed on just about any provided turn.

There are several other types of game that can be classified as ‘pool,’ but in a straight pool, gamers count scores by attempting to shoot the balls into the table’s pockets (a technique known as ‘pocketing’ the ball). Leading up to the game, players have to consent to a certain amount of points in order to be proclaimed the champion.  Each and every ball on the table could be pocketed by a participant, and that each successful pocketing earns the participant each point.

Straight pool is a ‘call pocket game, which means that before trying to shoot, gamers must announce which ball would go in which pocket. The desired ball should ascend the desired pocket for the shot to be competitive.

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