How maps and equipments play a vital role in Call of Duty: Warzone?


Games are meant to be one fun activity for everyone. People love to play games indoor as well as outdoor games. Indoor games also include video games it, and Call of duty: warzone is found to be the best one of all of them. The maps and equipments of the battle games play a vital role in making the game more interesting for people, and Call of duty: warzone gives the best of them. There are two types of maps in this game, and a variety of equipments are there. The guns and explosives which you will see in the real, this game has all of them.

Everything in a game depends on its features, including maps, modes, cold war cheatstypes of equipment, and so on. These all combine together and make the identity of any game. Let’s discuss the maps and equipments of this game.


There are two types of maps in this game named Verdansk and Rebirth island. Both of them are different from each other and is based on different places. Let’s discuss them.

  • Verdansk

Verdansk is a map of a city that is based on a real-life city named Donetsk city. This city map is found in every battle game as it is the basic map of all. This map includes a city in which there are several buildings and vehicles, plus there is a military base in it also. This map is also introduced in the Modern Warfare season 6 of Call of duty in the night variation. 

  • Rebirth island

This is a different map form the verdansk, and it is also a rare map that you will only find in this game. This map is based on a real-life island named Vozrozhdeniya island. This map is integrated from the content of Black ops 4. In the Black ops four seasons of Call of duty, you will find a variant of this map which is in night mode, and the limit of the players for playing in this map is 40. 



There are so many types of guns and explosives in this game, and along with that, some other equipments are also there in this game, let’s discuss them. 

  • In this very beginning, you will get an X-16 pistol in this game through which you will start the game and can kill your opponents. At a particular stage, you will also get some shields to protect yourself, and with the increasing levels and ranks, the numbers of these shields will also increase. You can also pick the equipments of your opponents after killing them. 

  • You will get all kind of ammunition in this game, and you can also buy them. This is possible as you need not spend your own money; there is a new feature introduced in this season which the in-game currency with which you can buy so many things in the game. 
  • Cheats and hacks also help you to get good equipments for playing the game. With good equipments, you can also remove your obstacles through them, which will help you to kill your opponents more easily.   




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