Reasons To Buy Beef Brisket Meat

If you are a beef lover and have had the opportunity to gorge on different pieces, you must have tried brisket, the popular meat piece packed with different flavors and smoked. Apart from this, it is one of the best cuts to choose for slow cooking and braising.   Usually, the butchers procure this meat piece from the breast section preset under the first five, and is a large boneless cut weighing within twenty pounds. Therefore, it is a hefty piece of meat you want to secure. Furthermore, the meat piece contains several connective tissues and cut into two pieces, namely, flat and deckle point.  Buying brisket For people who are keen to buy a large meat cut, brisket comes with the fat and the point cut. While the point cut contains more fat on the meat, it resembles the shape of a triangle and ideal for shredding. On the other hand, the flat cut is less fatty and meatier with a flat layer at the bottom. The flat cut comes with a higher price as you can slice it properly into square or rectangular shape.  How to cook brisket Although the brisket is one of the toughest meat portions, cooking it slowly allows the connective tissues to break down, making it a tender and rich meat. Ideally, you need to prepare the dish at least a day before eating as it tastes much better. The other benefit is that the fat present in this portion acts as the cooking medium, which solidifies and removable as well. You can store the brisket in the melting fat that comes out of it, allowing it to stay moist. The taste that comes out after braising and smoking bring varied tastes. However, the smoked brisket is better as it is made using the fatty cut. 


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